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Thursday, February 10, 2005

A point to ponder....

Had an interesting dream last nite....

I woke up this morning realising something; it's at least 3 more weeks before finals, which leaves us just a few more weeks of finishing our degree here in UMS! But, contrary that also means we've yet this span of time left with each other. It's weird - to finally be departing away from each other and moving on with life, this time out of our comfort zones and into real life. I wonder how much it'll affect me later realising that the goodbyes we'll be saying this time, would be the last.

I've been blessed so much in my life - a loving family, my sweetheart, the gift of education, secure life and the long list of unique, extraordinary people I've crossed paths and learn to know as friends to get where I am now. God only knows how much my friends mean to my life, and how they influence every nook and cranny of my existence. At some point in my life I've depended on my friends to drive me to my fullest capabilities, sometimes they're the reason I keep pushing on. I think all of us do feel this karma somewhere in our lives. Friends are the families that we chose, that's what Lie use to say....I believe it nonetheless.

I've befriended a whole lot of friends, from all parts of the country. Those who would carved a smile on your face with their joyful personalities, those who'd just bring up your spirits with their words of wisdom, those you'd end up talking to hours and hours and still not run out of topic to talk about, those who'd annoy you so much you'd punched them in the face but can't help find interesting, and definitely those you consider to be your source of inspiration. I think there's a bit of these qualities in each and every one of our friends, and these diversified attributes is what makes life more worthwhile living. Yup, life is not about how long you have, but how worthwhile you've spent living.

I thank God every day for the people He introduced in my life everyday, and had the pleasure of sharing a slice of my everyday life with.

Oh, and did I mention that thesis submissions were extended a week? Hah finally some great news. I think no one except us third year students realise how much one week means - more time to work, play, sleep, worry and definitely more time to breathe. Well, it's a good thing I've finished my first draft - you guys have no idea how Dr. V can push you without doing a thing....he need only look at you to send shivers down your spine. So looks like it'll be less hectic for me the following weeks, hopefully. Been looking forward to watch Constantine this week...maybe'll go with Fifah later la, ptg2 sikit.


P/S : To all my chinese friends celebrating Chinese New Year, Happy CNY people! Have a prosperous new year, eat lots and lots of oranges, bring back lots and lots of angpows for me, but ultimately have a great holiday...

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