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Monday, February 14, 2005

berapa banyak mambang daaa...

Speilberg might have tons of academy awards under his belt, but P. Ramlee holds a dear place in each and every one of our hearts......

Just finished watching Pendekar Bujang Lapok on Ria with my grandparents. I've always had a soft side for P. Ramlee flicks, but PBL is certainly my fondest among all of his directions. I think classic black-and-white malay movies by P.Ramlee has always been a favorite among a majority of Malaysians. It happens to be those kind of stories that's evergreen; you don't need a special occasion or mood or hype to enjoy watching it - the flick always manages to bring out those emotions in you. Be it laughter, tears, despair, or even inspiration P.Ramlee movies are most of the time original in idea as well as cinematic presentation.

Take PBL for example, the story outline might be a little mediocre but how it is directed; each joke and line on the script is so original, it never fails to make you burst out laughing no matter how many times you've seen it. The jokes are cute, sinical, silly and down-right funny that you can't find in other it the past or present movies available. The trio as well - Ramlee, Sudin and Ajis is indeed a bunch that is so right together; I can't think of any trio more suited for the film than these guys. Well, not that I can think of any that is....

PBL has always been enjoyable for me, as it did just now....

You know what else is evergreen? Raya and christmas songs. Those tunes that you always hear in shopping malls, stores and virtually any commercial lots preceeding the festive celebrations. Call me jiwang karat but I still love the sultry sounds of Dendang perantau, the energy of Balik kampung, or even the touching Sudirman classic Dari Jauh Ku Pohon Maaf - regardless what time of the year it is. I believe its the same with christmas songs...there's always joy in the air singing these kinda songs. Take it from me - IPB was echoing with christmas carols courtesy of Cindy, Lie, Jo, Claire, Mel and basically everyone else last 25th Dec. These songs are never out of fashion, and each new rendition will never sound the same as the original and affect the affinity of your emotions as much as they did.

Hmmm...some things are better just the way they are.

Tommorow class goes as usual, don't know what's in store for us in Dr. Vijay's class...well just have to wait and be suprised I guess. And nowadays everybody's talking about these dinners and other social stuffs like MAGRA etc. Not sure if I'll be going frankly, but my perspective might change in time....we'll see.

Time to wake up, and face reality once again.


P/S : Happy 23rd Birthday Achim and my beloved bro Andi...may God bless you guys and many happy returns. Thanks for always being there for me and everyone else.

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