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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

"The one with simple acts of kindness..."

In our lives we sometimes are in need of heroes for inspiration; to be that blinding light of faith, a symbol that inspires our every actions. Often we turn to God, resolute in seeking refuge of own dwindling humanity in today's world - a different slate compared from the days of our parents and grandparents. Politeness has become so rare nowadays, that people often misconstrue it of flirtation.

But all is certainly not lost, for I still subscribe allegiance in the acts of selfless kindness. And every now and then videos like this remind me that sometimes, we don't have to go in search for heroes or idols - because we can instead be one, and inspire an endless ripple of inspiration for others.

Because a ripple originates not from a sea of waves, but only from a drop of water. A small act of kindness, will ripple a long distance to inspire others of similar affairs. If we wish the world to change, we must first look in the mirror and change ourselves.

I still have faith in humanity, and this video reaffirms that hope even further.



Anonymous said...

Brilliant post Jep. I always believe that good deeds will be repaid, only not necessarily to the person who does the good deed alone. That is why I always like to help whenever I can with the hope that when my children and other love ones in my family need help, someone out there will come forward to help them....Mama

Anonymous said...

well said! often we forget it. when we change, the world changes.