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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

"The one with the Eid realization..."

Celebrating Eid is always a merry endeavor, no matter where you are and with whom the occasion is commemorated with. In the earnestness of the celebration, rapports thrive; reticence crumbles and contingency take precedence. Even among strangers, we coup the courage to mingle and pass conversation. That's the spirit of the Eids, and every year I am reminded of how similar we are as individuals - no matter how distant our backgrounds are.

Of course, the very embodiment of the festivities are the younger generation. Children tend to enjoy these moments the most, as their parents did before. That's probably why I love taking pictures of children in their merriment, as I can reminisce the joy in their gaze and the life in their expressions.

Had the opportunity to spend the Eid at a friend's house in Reservoir, so took the opportune stint of rekindling the old passion of photography.

Ayam masak merah, with a serving of Nasi Tomato. An Eid favorite.

It's not the Eids without Nasi Impit (packed rice).

An Arabian addition to this year's Eid - Baklava's for dessert.

Ahh Izhan - It's seems just yesterday that you're still learning to walk. Now you're cheeky as ever!

Cute toddler attractions.

The most joy is experienced within these moments of playfulness.



My mates - Ayob, Bro Zakieo, and Mizie.

Bro Zakieo's angel.

The tech-adept generation of youngsters.

A toddler's favorite.

Little Tiara just turned one..!
I have a soft spot for this year's Eid. It's the first of many more to come, of Eids where celebrate as a father and husband. I guess at this coming of age your perspective on life shifts; they take a more dynamic turn and everything you perceive affects others as well. As the curtains close on my Ph.D journey here in Melbourne, I am acquainted the forthcoming notion of a new challenge - to be an educator and positive role model to society. It's a daunting and otherwise heavy task to burden, but noble nonetheless. I have learned and grown a lot throughout the past three years, an exercise which I foresee will continue to envelop for years to come.

I am grateful for being blessed, very blessed in life. Good and bad, contentment and grief, joy and sorrow. It is my hope that I could share these wisdom and experiences to the benefit of others, so in lieu of that, I could learn from them as much.

InsyaAllah, in due time.



Nor Fadzlina Nawi said...

Beautiful pic & post Jep.

I hope you got my email.

The Lasik cost 7K by the way :-P

Izyan R. said...

salam abg jep pakai camera apa ni?gmbr cantik