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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"The one with reliving another year..."

Like every year on this date, you would be showered with friendly hugs and warm wishes - pampered among wonderful company and loving peers. Like every year on this date, you would be thankful of not only another year of your life - but another year well spent to the fullest of your capabilities; both as an inspiring individual, and a pious servant. Like every year of this date, you would always remind yourself that each passing of your birthday - is another reminder of how short and valuable life is.

Today, like every year on this date you would turn a year older. But instead, today - we rekindle our memories of how lucky and blessed we are to have had shared you in our lives. 

But having said that, we all miss you still - so very much.

You may have had a brief life, my brother. But rest assured that it was a life well lived. After all - living isn't necessarily measured by how many breaths we take, but by the moments that takes our breath away. Our prayers often harbor ardor thoughts of you, may your soul rests amongst those promised Jannah. May God purge you off your sins, lift your honors and affirms you a place in His heaven insyaAllah. And may God also grant us the courage, perseverance and empathy to live in your memory - to be better muslims and grateful servants.

You once told me that the best of lessons are passed through the actions of others, that change starts from within us first, and in order to instill wisdom into others - we must beforehand, be wise ourselves. If there is one legacy you have left us - it is the legacy of all the wisdom you've imparted in your writings, and we could not thank you enough for that. As a writer, when publishing posts on your blog - you also told me that we are responsible for the information we relay onto others. 

"Do not take your posts lightly, every sentence must come from adept research and verification. That is why I take so long to finish a post - we have an obligation to the readers and we should not convey them under false pretenses. "

That is why your writings afflicts your many readers very profoundly. Because you would write not only from your heart, but also from your mind.

Throughout your absence, my brother - we have had many people come up to us and say how much your writings soothes them, and even helped them cope with their lives in one way or another. Through them, you instigated humbleness, inspiration, bravery and graciousness in not only us but others as well. You have imbued a positive difference in the lives of many, even in lieu of your conditions.

So on this day my prayers go to you, my brother. May Allah forgive all your sins, rest you among His most noble of servants, and place you within the sanctity of His jannah. We all miss you, but will cherish the spirit of you from all the wonderful memories you've shared with us.

Allahummaghfirlahu warhamhu wa'aafihi wa'fu 'anhu.

Happy Birthday, my brother. In every opportunity my mind reminisces of you, I always smile and remember how you had always promised us before each of our partings;

"Ada kelapangan kita jumpa lagi, kalau tak di sini - insyaAllah di jannah nanti."

InsyaAllah indeed, ya akhi. Al-Fatihah.



Anonymous said...


I think of the last birthday we celebrated with Afzal. It was a humble occasion, celebrated among family, but it was beautiful.

Alas, there'll be no more birthday hugs for me to give you and my tears will forever fall, blurring my vision on this day, year after year until I join you....I pray, in Jannah....Mama

N.Hasanah said...

may Allah bless his soul and place him in the best place possible amongst those promised jannah..inshaAllah

irshadian said...

masyaallah, u write it beautifully, even your mama n arwah, i love reading your blogs

Nor Fadzlina Nawi said...

Al - Fatihah. Some day, Insya Allah...

syahrielkomdewa said...

i like it