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Sunday, October 09, 2011

"The one about experiencing the loss of others.."

Even before we are born; God has made us a promise;

"Every soul will experience the agony of death, and to Me you will all return."

For those who often reflect, would know that we are here as a test. From Him we came, and to Him we shall return. Like taking care of something, we would often make it a point to return them in their very best of conditions, if not unchanged. The same goes in the nature of us returning to our origins; is it not preferable for us to return to our Creator, if not as we were born - a blank, innocent canvas; but also bettered, grateful and pious? 

When we experience the death of those around us, although it appears morbid - is a constant reminder of God's promise to us. One day we shall make that journey, as have the others before us.

"Takziah ke atas pemergian arwah Dr. Kamal Ismail, yang telah pulang ke rahmatullah pada 5 Oktober 2011. Semoga rohnya sentiasa dicucuri rahmah, dan ditempatkan dikalangan para anbiya' yang dijanjikan syurga Allah swt. Semoga keluarga arwah juga, terutamanya Kak Nor - dikurniakan segala kesabaran, kekuatan dan ketabahan untuk menempuh dugaan ini. Al-Fatihah."

During the passing of those close to us - it is good to hold on to the memories we have of the deceased. This is how I would like to remember the late Dr. Kamal Ismail.

I would always remember him as the figure, even at his darkest hours - as someone whom never fails to make us all smile. May his soul now rests amongst those God promises jannah, and his family be bestowed the patience and fortitude to persevere during this very trying time, insyaAllah.

Allahyarham Dr. Kamal Ismail passed on away on the evening of 5 Oct 2011. He was 47, and now has been laid to rest back home in Bukit Naga, Seksyen 32 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia.

"However, one who accepts Islam in submission to God and does good, will have his reward with God. Such people have nothing to fear nor to grieve about."

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Jazz Aziz said...

AlFatihah.... Even I never talked to him.. I could feel the lost too as part of our big family. Nice article Jep!