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Sunday, May 08, 2011

"The one who loved us first, and our first love..."

Maternal instincts are indeed a blessing God forebears exclusive for His female matrons. If you ask any mother on how they first raised their young, they would often concur, that even they were clueless at times. Life evolves; changes in environment and social decree throughout time alters a child's physical upbringing - but the nurture of a mother's instincts forever remains adequate; adept.

Truth is, a mother fears for everything and anything her child interacts with. Every endeavor she sets her offspring onto; every activity and acquaintance of theirs inflicts a certain notion of nervousness in them. Be it their first soccer match, their first swim meet, their first birthday. A mother always foresees the worst variables out of every thing. They do this every time, but they persevere to do this in spite of those possible scenarios. A mother's (s)care starts even before we are born, and transpires even until the day we get married and start our own family.

When a mother delivers her baby - there's always that fear of whether the newborn is born healthy or with complications. When a mother nurses - there's always that fear of her child rejecting her milk. When her baby takes their first step - she always fears whether their first fall would cause more hurt than hurry. When a mother first sends her children off to school - there's always that fear of them not fitting in or getting along with their peers. When a mother organizes her children's first birthday - there's always that fear of people not showing up for the celebration. When we first fall ill - our mothers are the most nervous of creatures, incomprehensible by anyone other. As if all these would worry her less, she still has to fend for her worries every time we go out with friends, every time we pay a visit to the dentist, every time we never call back home, and every time we decide that base jumping is a good idea for tension release. To top it off, she also worries on the menu of the next meal course daily to feed her family.

Mother's are always worried for their children, single or many. But they are built for that; they ascend the courage to withstand all these apprehension of anxiety, distress and despair not because they have to - but because they want to. Mothers sacrifice their all just so their children would feel that they fit in this world. The gravity of their unselfishness extend to mounts no one can comprehend. Even in our extended lifetime of piousness and forbearance, our deeds would always fall short of what they have done to us in theirs.

But even amongst all those strengths God has bestowed onto them, He also bears them with the kindest of souls; the humblest of cares and the warmest of hearts. That is why, though they appear unscathed by physical means - mother's are most susceptible to affairs of the heart. A mother's tears shed not of their fall, but of their feelings. That is why - we must always harbor any gratitude to them at each foreseeable moment in our lives.

I believe that mothers are God's extension of His mercy, and kindness. He shares them to sanctify His servants freedom from the solitude of loneliness and desolation. A woman may not be born a leader, but they are always born a mother.

This Mother's Day - may we all be reminded of how lucky we are to have one in our lives, and to have experienced their care during theirs. May this day also acquaint us to appreciate them not only on a day's commemoration, but towards the length of our remaining breaths. To my dearest mom - thank you. Thank you for all those sleepless nights you shared with Papa catering to my every whims. Thank you for all those meals you've prepared me, for I am never famished in your care. Thank you for all the times you've locked me up in the bathroom over my tantrums, for I now understand that important discipline, of humility. Thank you for all your worries and all your advice; for I can now stand on my own, having experience the life you've shown me.

But most of all - thank you for being in my life, and for showing your endless support in mine. I could have not gone through all the adversities, tests, trials and tribulations in my life without you to break any of my falls. I am sure I speak for all of your children, that though we sometimes don't shower you enough praise and admiration - we all love you very dearly and thank God continuously for sharing you in our lives.

In our prayers we constantly ask Allah for all that is best for you, and I believe that closely among Him - your son Afzal is, too.

From your loved son - Happy Mothers Day, mama.

- JeP



tersentuh dgn coretan jep ni..selamat hari ibu, buat semua ibu2 di seluruh dunia....

Nor Fadzlina Nawi said...

He..he..he I thot Uwais jer selalu kena lock dlm Bathroom..;-)

Happy Momming to all mothers out there!

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum Jep,

Each and everyone of my 5 children pose different challenges in my life. Taking care of you may have been very challenging, but I would not trade it for anything else. You, especially are blessed with a very inquisitive mind. From young, you are "the restless one"...always eager to poke and probe and look what you have turned out to be - a researcher!

I've come to realise that mothering you and my 4 other children has been a very rewarding experience (I may not have realised this while I was going crazy juggling a career n looking after you guys back then)and if I can be granted one wish in life, it'll be to wind up the clock and relive those moments from when I carried my 5 children in my womb, till I let you all go n live your lives in this world....Thank you for making my role as a mother worthwhile....Mama.