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Thursday, June 03, 2010

"The one about the boat that rocked the world..."

It is utterly a loathing experience reading excerpts from survivors of the recent Freedom Flotilla boat, that endured a barrage of relentless and repugnant attacks from the Israeli navy. As I read through the articles with disgust over mankind's latest defamation of morality and sympathetic compassion, I realized of how lucky we are to not be in such shoes. Even to experience such a tragedy through the words of others, brings an accord of bloodcurdling and unnerving revulsion. At the back of my feeble mind, I wondered if I could have persisted through such an endeavor.

Yes, the barbarous nature of Israelis more especially in the last few years have long been noted on the books of global knowledge, especially the Palestinians. At best, our most atrocious apprehension on their suffering, would convey the least likeness of their vulgar world. Sons and daughters crying over the demise of their parents as they experience first hand the bleakness of even a hope of their future. People losing their most basic sense of security and sovereignty of a country; the crushing of not only their lives but an eternity of culture, society and nationality. This tragedy, is at it's core - an immortal example toward the fall of humanity.

But how can the world benefit from their suffering?

On the premise of me as an imperfect, bordering delinquent far from being a pious servant - I can relate immensely to the fact that we very often forget how fortuitous we all are. That in respite of the dismal calamities we deem discouragingly inauspicious, and bad things that happen in our lives, we still have very much to be grateful for. We tend to overlook these fortunes and blessings we have during our good days, and ironically neglect them even further on the face of adversity. To add insult to injury, at that standpoint we also find an excuse to rant of how undeserving we are of our ill-fated condition God had forsaken us to. Have we been sequestering our conscience to concentrate on negative aspects of our lives, instead of fostering our visions on the positives?

To compare calamities of our lives with those who're fighting for theirs, and with those who have perished (may they rest in peace) in Palestine - would be to compare the lives of Kings and slaves. That comparison then again, would be an udder understatement by itself. Would we risk losing all we have today in order for us to appreciate them? Would we need to stare death in the brink of war, before we could be grateful for the safety to walk on our very own land? Truly we don't miss our water until the well runs dry, but lest we forget - we have a lot to be thankful for than we have to be heedless about.

In my prayers, I'll be praying that the suffering of Palestinians on the hands of Israelis would one day cease to be just a passing nightmare for them - but in the same time I'm passing my gratitude to God Almighty for all the blessings He has bestowed in my life.

To be reminded of our humility is to be reminded that we are only human. Prayers for Palestine, and condemnation for the Zionists.


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