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Monday, April 12, 2010

"The one when kids say the darndest things..."

I love kids. They remind me of how humble I use to be, and a reminder of how lucky I was as a child.

Kids sometimes are solemn reminders of how innocent the human mind is. It is probably hard to comprehend that the advent of our intelligence once rooted from our childish nous; a collection of preconceived thoughts, dictated and expressed throughout our upbringing in the world. Personal reasoning and self-affirmation thereon permit gaps between the wisdom and intelligence of others as we age, a border we built from our indoctrination by social interaction.

But, is it too hard to understand that by default, each of us were born with the same level of intellect and emotional affirmations?

When kids are asked to write a simple letter to God, you'd think that they'd be writing about serious topics like the weather and global peace? Think again.

It is really heartwarming to fathom the inner workings of a child's mind. These are such pristine and selfless thoughts - reminding us that they are our future, and that we hold sole responsibility of guiding them towards the right path.

Credits to MakTam for sharing these lovely writings, and also to the original author from which these letters came. Made my morning, and definitely taught me something.



green said...

hey there..
i love this blog post very much..
would u mind if i copy those pics and put it in my blog..
i want to share this with my blog readers, hopefully they will smile as well..

thanks ya..

ieja_abu said...

yes,i would like to copy the pics too.boleh kan?:)

JeP said...

Hi green & ieja,

Yes2 feel free to share this with others and spread the joy. Great stuff huh? :D

green said...

thank u!!!

Jucci said...

too sweet. love this post