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Friday, September 11, 2009

"The one about that record holding (sweet) video.."

Chemoboy has his debut on the director's chair; with a wonderfully nice video he'd put up on his Facebook wall. It's a short flick depicting that one thing we'll always have till the day we die - family. Our family, of course.

For those inclined for a peek, here's the link;

Definitely one which will decorate onto my favorite's list. These are those sorta things that makes your heart melt and induce those glands for such a teary episode. Compliments of chemoboy; thank you so much for sharing. We all miss everyone very dearly, wherever we are and whatever we're pursuing.

"We might be miles apart - but our hearts are right next to each other. I love you all to bits, until that day when all of us are united again."

Everyone has been yearning for that longed reunion after all these years, and in true honesty; I couldn't have put it much better myself.


P/S : Prayers and doa's for chemoboy, as he's recuperating from his first radical dose of chemotherapy, and wishing him all the strength, perseverance and faith for his next serving come a day before Raya's eve.

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