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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"The one with the religious gathering..."

Last Thursday evening, Fendi and his housemates were kind enough to volunteer their humble abode for the Santapan Rohani sessions we usually have every fortnight. A tradition, which in my humble opinion - a great opportunity to be in tune with your spiritual self. A great medium to keeping in tabs with our religious practices that supplement (or compensate!) for the usual daily Fardhu's.

Many have graced their doors to us in the previous sessions in the past, and this time around the usual crowds gathered for another usual round of Yassin, tazkirahs and strings of healthy general discussions.

I love going to these sorta-things. You get that exclusive Malaysian vibe every time; and the feeling of citing the Yassin among your other Malay-Muslim counterparts really does remind me of home. Being in a distant country, you do feel quite isolated sometimes but having small minute gatherings such as these really does help put you in place. You get to interact with people in the warmest of ways, and keep in touch with the rantings of the Malaysian Bundoora community from time to time.

The bread and butter of Santapan Rohani, apart from citations of the Yassin is of course the subsequent Tazkirah following the Isyak prayers. Usually presented by acknowledged individuals of the community (mainly Ustaz's and wise men), the subjects expand from miniscule matters to broadened perspectives that shape our very interactions with the religion of Islam itself. Whatever the topic may be, it gives you that diagnostic emotion of reflecting on yourself. It does leave quite an effect on me; a solemn reminder of always keeping my feet on the ground no matter how astray my head's been.

[ Yes, Mahathir keeps records of each Tazkirah session every week. ]

And yes, it does attract the usual potluck concept of food supply in very generous servings. That's a secondary delicacy, although at times it may pay some precedence after long hours and a long week!

I'm actually blessed to be in a country which does not forsake it's people from practising their religion. In retrospect from my last stay in Gwangju, here Muslims thrive on the forbearance of other religions and abundance of halal options available. Without being too critical, I do feel Australians are among the most tolerant people around the globe.

I'm looking forward to the next session at Ustazah Hidayah's new crib.

Your religion is part of your soul; as much a part of ourselves as to God's. To leave even a fraction of His teachings is forsaking a huge chunk, and at this we are the worst of losers.


P/S : Great to hear that Pakcik's kenduri in Bentong went well. Although no nazam this time, at least they had Aki Chu's band as an excellent substitute. Congratulations to everyone on a job well done, and continued salutations to the newlyweds for getting hitched.


Anonymous said...

hi abg jefri. ni imran. will u be in melbourne around 25th july until 1st august?

JeP said...

hi imran! good to hear from you. yes i'll definitely be in melbourne on those dates.

heard you're coming over for something. give me a shout on my email - and i'll give you my number to contact ek.