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Monday, May 25, 2009

"The one with the new doctor..."

The story might already be a few days old but I feel the impact remains significantly affective. One might say that the quality of an accomplishment is measured as an affirmation of its eventual end, a paradox that entails no regard to 'how', 'when', nor its 'why'.

I remain an absolute fan to behoove that success is not ostensible of what you get, but more of how you've gotten to get it. But in his case, I revel in the fact that he has achieved something so great, that it's only equaled by means of how he achieved such a feat. An eventful 7-years, and a nerve-wreaking past few months leading up to an eventual name on the clipboard.

He has done it. He has finally done it. I know we've been anticipating him achieving nothing less, but no one had ever thought his journey was like the stories of legends.

He's been known by many names - including kundur and more recently chemoboy; but I am now ever so proud to call him, Dr. Mas Afzal Masarudin.

Congratulations chemoboy, for making the journey and giving us a great ride while you're at it. Congratulations on a well-fought battle, and being a real-life example of how peserverance, hard work and unrivalled faith always has their rewards in the end. Everyone's very happy and proud for you, especially us. Now you can sit back and relax while contemplating how far you'd come. And this time you have your best fan to share it with there - mom.

All the best for your final chemo dose this Friday, and get well soon so that you can hug everyone who's waiting for you back home ever so tightly.


P/S : Make sure you ask mama to cook her version of beef stew; her's is so much better than mine tau.


Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum wbth,

Our son - Dr. Mas Afzal Masarudin - that was my last sms to papa at 11.20pm, while already on board flight MH002 enroute to Heathrow, London, on May 22,2009. And at the end of that journey, I get to be the first family member to hug our very own Doctor!

He's been referred to as Dr Mas by his friends here too (by phone) and at times his immediate response was..'what..ooh..thanks..kawan dia refer to him as Dr. la tu' He's still grappling with the reality of it all, I think. Hard to believe he finally made it when quite a number of his fellow coursemates failed either the OCSE or MEQ.

Right now, Afzal is busy distributing his notes to his juniors - much to their surprise actually - so they too can benefit from those notes. He said they were very helpful to him when he was getting ready for his exams and he hoped the others would benefit likewise. Always the ever thoughtful Afzal.

This morning mama masak roti bom n kari ayam. Em bangun awal sikit, nampak mama tengah masak, dia terus pergi cari kopi for the two of us...Masa dia keluar rumah, dia pesan kat mama - jangan minum dulu tau! He went all the way to the shops, entah kat mana, but he was quite breathless when he came back with two cups of very nice coffee. Then he ate 2 or 3 roti bom n we had a very interesting discussion about research!

Petang ni Afzal nak ajak a few post grad families - Abg Safuan included, for dinner. So now I'm off to kedai nak cari grocery.

p/s: Pagi tadi Bloody Hell Fire datang dengan cucu dia, nak trim hedge kat depan rumah. He looks nice je. Tapi mama nampak mata dia meninjau kebersihan dapur. Nasib baik mama dah sapu n mop the day before so the kitchen was in tip top shape. I'm enjoying myself here...mama.

JeP said...

I'm so happy that you're that with chemoboy mom, at least he's get to be pampered after all those (extremely) hard work!

Hope you enjoy yourself a lot in the next few days, before your care-taking job begins. Also nice to hear how M is always as nice as ever; I remember when I was there I had a discussion with him abt his research too. Kirim salam kat dia k.

Anyways, I think bloody hellfire would be pleased that now you're here. I'm sure after this he'll either be at the house very often or none at all! :)

PakTam said...

ooi.... lupa la pulak PakTam sapa si "Bloody Hell Fire" ni.. (kot ada mention before this). Fill in sikit.

JeP said...

Paktam, Bloody Hell Fire ni is none other than chemoboy's landlord, simply because that's his usual line when he makes constant spotchecks in the house.

This famous line usually comes after inspecting the toilet hahaha!

Anonymous said...

Assalamulaikum wbth,

Yesterday's dinner went well. I cooked chicken beriani, sambal tumis udang, dalca n sayur campur. For dessert we had choc cheese cake n apple pie. Families of Safuan, Azhar n Razlan came along with hyper active Omar (abt 3 kot), alip (abt same age), cute giler Khadijah (abt 18 mths) n baik giler baby, entah apa name ( abt 10 - 12 mths). Mama puas hati sebab dapat ucap terima kasih to all these people yang help looked after Afzal's meals when he was down. They are very nice, considerate people.

We got our groceries kat Sainsbury Central di Moor. Without you around, Afzal played supervisor - complaining if I bought too many things! After this I'm going shopping alone!

Today is 1st day of shadowing for Afzal. Actually he has to do 8 days of them, but since he's getting his last dose of chemo trow, he'll miss next week's 5 days. This morning he's shadowing kat Chesterfield, so dia tumpang kawan dia (naik BMW lagi tu).

I have finished cleaning up the kitchen - semua cabinet, pinggan mangkok, sundry, peti sejuk - dah bersih n sorted out nicely. Toilet pun mama dah cuci. Eventhough Afzal will be leaving 42 Filey Street soon enough, I felt this house n it's occupants have contributed so much to Afzal's life for the past 5 years. I owe it this much - to at least keep the common areas in habitable shape!

Petang ni another batch of Afzal's undergraduate friends are coming for dinner. Mama nak masak menu kampung pulak - rebus kobis n sambal belacan kind of menu.

p/s: Sejak sampai UK mama dah beli 4 boxes of strawberries n ate 2 boxes on my own!
....missing my family back home la pulak....mama

Anonymous said...


despite having to talk 2 him on d phone recently, i nvr hd d chance 2 congratulate d lad for his amazing achievement...

im nvr d brave one 2 express such emotions( by means...jiwang) 2 anyone, so i figured i'd juz let him noe about it at d almost supposed-to-be end part of d phone converstion...

howevr, lil did i noe dat Papa reloaded his hp RM10 jer time tu so d call ended abruptly (tut tut tut)...eheh...

so now i wanna use dis chance 2 say how much im proud of my dear bro...dis is juz d lil portion of more great blessings dat he, DR. Mas Afzal bin Masarudin!!!

u've been thru so much, pain n hardships but equal if not more happiness in ur life...luv u bro!!!

im a wee bit jealous dat Mummy is there spoiling u rotten wif her cooking n endless attention tho...hehe!!!

ur lil girls,
Syah & Tixxie!!!XOXOXO

Anonymous said...

Mama says,

Life is too short to be spent on not certains..not sures..not brave enoughs..maybe laters..i dont think sos..

I've learnt that if I want my family to know I love them, I'll tell them and show's the surest way to not feel sorry ( terkilan ) later....

Anonymous said...

P/S: Wished I said many, many, many I love you, to my Mom....mama

Anonymous said...

Aih, dah jadi chat forum keluarga ni..

sabar noo, sibuk sikit nak update blog minggu ni..plenty of things going on before the last round against Mr Chemo.

-Dr Chemo-

Anonymous said...

but what about Andi?

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum wbth,

Semalam kawan2 undergrads Afzal datang dinner. Mama masak nasi putih, ayam masak kicap, asparagus goreng belacan, gulai lemak putih kobis n Afzal goreng ayam dengan tepung special - sedap, nanti mama bawak balik tepung tu - ada jual kat Yafai.

Hari ni, Afzal jemput Dr. Yusuf, orang pakistan campur apa entah, tapi dah jadi warga Britain (member ketat Afzal yang sama2 dah lulus) dengan Halim, orang Bangladesh, warga Brit juga, yang empunya BMW, Afzal tumpang ke Chesterfield. Mama masak ayam percik, meatball sos sweet n sour dan sup tom yam. Malam ni tak ramai sebab Afzal nak tengok MU lawan Barcelona. Lagi 2 orang yang mama berpeluang ucap terima kasih for taking care of Afzal masa dia sakit.

Everyday, masa Afzal pergi shadowing, mama ronda bandar Sheffield. Hari ni sejuk giler sebab hujan. Kena pakai jaket. Mama sapu je jaket yang melambak tergantung kat luar pintu bilik Afzal.

Esok cadang nak pegi Meadowhall, cari buku yang maktam pesan (excuse je tu). Lepas ni tak de peluang lagi nak keluar sebab Jumaat Afzal dah chemo n I will be taking care of him round the clock - something I'm actually looking forward to - Hopefully he wont be too sick.

See you guys real soon...salam rindu untuk semua dari mama/mak ngah.

P/S: hari ni M buat decaf latte untuk mama. Sambil minum we talked about coffee beans!