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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"The one where we sent a team to MMFC..."

Last Sunday the citizens of Bundoora had proudly clenched their fists and gritted their teeth(es); as they went on through their maiden entry in the Malaysian Mixed Futsal Competition held on the Albert Park grounds of the city. High in spirit and huge on (local) support, the convoy arrived at the break of morning - ever so keen on taking Malaysia's very best of teams in Melbourne.

If only we had known the arduous journey that had to be endured.

It was a cold morning, and everyone was recuperating from the many (read : two) strenuous practise sessions we organized to get everyone into shape. I had preemptively garnered no expectations of this meet - having known that this was the first entry (in a mixed squad) comprised of eager middle-aged players and some even pushed the big four-O; our repertoire was squeamish compared to the other more-experienced teams that day. I played mainly by request, as I'd also considered myself nothing spectacular of a futsal legend. Setakat main sepak2 bola atas padang berkaki-ayam bolehla. But what made me more inclined to participate was after seeing how enthusiastic a few of them were; well most were too enthusiastic to start with, but you'd have to give some credit to them, of wanting to compete even with youngsters whom are waaaaay out of your own (little, miniscule) league.

Tactics were played, and footballs had their share of kicks as the team played through four matches in the group stage. Teams all over from Monash, Melbourne Uni, and nearby institutions gathered onto one stage ever inclined to make the best of their skills.

Now let's recap how (disastrous) the day went;

Group A (5 Teams, Top 2 qualifies to Semi's)

1st Match : Bundoora United 0 Faliq Team 5

2nd Match : Bundoora United 1 Kaki Bangku Team 4

3rd Match : Bundoora United 2 Melb Uni 5

4th Match : Bundoora United 1 Monash Uni 4


As you might've guessed - we didn't make it to the semi's. Not even close.

Hmm, personally I thought we didn't do too bad. Maybe its because I had my expectations (too) low to begin with kot.

As you'd might have guessed - we were thrashed. To bits. Atoms, if you may stretch it that far. Monash was actually very forgiving during our last match; considering that we weren't even in contention of the semis (with them not having faltered a match so far). They laid back very much in play, and even so we fell far behind in comparison to their teamplay. It was pretty apparent that our team had so much more to work on.

What else do you do, when your team rests at the bottom of the table with no more matches to play for?

You eat. And boy do losers eat a lot. While making so much commotion as well, in the same time. Now I understand how it feels to be in the shoes of the Malaysian soccer team. Kalah main takpe asalkan menang sorak. Hahaha funny statement, but you'll find to agree with it somehow.

Our favourite team, Monash went on to win the tournament by beating Faliq Team 5-3. Their goal's total summation equals the amount of food servings I had the whole day.

The team, butchered and battered, left the field at half past one. The whole endeavour was fun, actually. On the long run, we had much more to gain than to lose. We may have conceeded to defeat a good few times, but we'd at least shown that we won in terms of spirit and endurance. In the words of Zulfikar - it may take a lot to win, but it takes a lot more to lose (with pride). Sure, a few egos were crushed that day but many smiles have been carved.

Albert Park really does remind me of London's Hyde Park - huge; and turns out this is actually the landmark of the annual Australian F1 GP. It's amazing to see how creative Aussies are when making use of their limited amount of space. A sports centre, doubling up as an F1 circuit. That's astonishing.

That day I left Melbourne city feeling much closer to the community of Bundoora itself. Now that's something I consider to be a better trophy or medal. It isn't the physical things that matter, but more of the abstract that makes a difference. Now that's something you'd only hear from the words of those who lost...:)

Well, que sera sera I presume.


P/S : Thanks Mila and Mahathir for a nice 3-course meal at their apartment after the tourney. Mila's chocolate cheesecake is just to die for! :)


PakTam said...

Assalamu`alaikum wm.

Well, probably that was the warming-up stage. With Conditioning and proper Tactical Analysis (mind you, that's "Sports Science"), maybe the team stands to fare better in future events. Maybe. But as a consolation, "champions are born, not made". That's scientifically proven too! Anyway, the jersey looks good.

PakTam's scheduled visit to Australia was postponed. Not sure of the reasons though. Tak ada rezeki la nak jumpa Jep kat Melbourne. If they postpone the trip too long, rasanya PakTam pun malas nak pegi coz banyak benda belum settle for my "sabbatical" come September 2009.

We had a new addition to the DPP family. MJ dah beranak pulak dah. Again. Kali ni ada 4 ekor. 2 putih & 2 kelabu/brown. Of course Ainul excited macam selalu tapi kali ni not as excited as before. Maybe sebab dah banyak kali kot.

Nowadays Ainul bangun awal. 6:00am dia dah bangun. Tak payah kejutkan pun, dia bangun sendiri. Sometimes even before the alarm rings. Her biological clock works too soon! Unlike masa PakTam kecik-kecik dulu.

News. If you have not heard of it already - Assoc Prof Dr Sa’ari Mustapha from UPM won the gold medal in the 37th International Exhibition of Inventions New Techniques and Products Geneva with his creation named New Prospective Polyurethane Clay Nanocomposites for Fire Retardant. Another UPM product, Dr M. Iqbal Saripan comes up with a device, called the "Wire Mesh Collimator", which can detect breast cancer cells as small as 1 millimetre. Apa ke bendanya entah la. But I believe the whole family is looking forward for YOURS, soon. Insya Allah.

OK Jep, take good care of yourself.


Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum wbth,

Mama selamat sampai semula di bumi London pada pukul 5.45 pagi, 23.5.2009. Kalau masa kita pergi Disember dulu, sampai jam 7 pagi masih gelap, kali ni, pukul 5 pagi matahari dah naik!

Sampai je, jumpa Afzal, hilang rindu walaupun baru 4 bulan x jumpa. Kami terus ke Miles End, jumpa Izu. Dia jamu kami nasi lemak sambal tumis udang, dan kuah ikan bilis - resipi ciptaan Izu sendiri yang boleh tahan jugak sedapnya.

Lepas lepak2, Izu took us to Portobello Street - mama memang dah lama teringin nak tengok what all the fuss is about this street. Orang punyala ramai, nak jalan pun susuah. It's a haven for antique seekers. Kalau tak sebab ramai sangat orang I would have loved to browse around. I'm sure I'll find something interesting. Mama jumpa banyak cicin antique yang Aiysha sure suke giler.

Then we had ice cream because the weather was warm and before departing, we stop by 'Makan Cafe', a restaurant operated by...who else..orang Melayu la. Afzal had begedil, Isu had cekodok pisang n mama had carrot cake - sebab datang dari Kl kan..buat ape nak makan bende2 tu!

Mama n Afzal left for Sheffield by the 5pm bus. Izu sent us all the way to the bus door..very nice of him. He had to lug my heavy bag lagi tu...sah lah dia can be accepted into our family...Kakak - don't worry, he passed!

Sampai Sheffield jam 8.45 malam..tapi masih terang benderang..maghrib is at 9pm! Sampai 42, Filey Street, Em tengah masak beehoon goreng. Agaknya sebab mama ada, dia terus panik..mintak mama tolong rasakan beehoon goreng dia...sedap je mama rasa..dah la belum we all had been goreng for dinner.

Kek lapis dan murtabak pun selamat sampai. Maam bagi Izu 2 bungkus kek lapis n 1 bungkus murtabak!

Esok thari nak pergi Manchester...saja jalan2...Jep tentu meleleh air liur dengar ni.
Tapi pagi esok nak buat spring cleaning..the house is in a mess..Kalau Bloody Hell Fire datang sure bising la.

Now, dah ngantuk. Afzal is still downstairs watching tv. Helmi has gone to Darby to pick up somebody yang ketinggalan train or something. Malam, cuaca still sejukla.

Ok. that's all for now. Nanti mama report lagi.

p/s: Sedihnya mama tengok kepala Afzal yang hanya tinggal a very thin layer of hair. But otherwise he's alright...mama