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Monday, March 30, 2009

"The one with the ultimate donut ever..."

The great thing about living in the Suburbs is that you have the most wonderful skylight ambiance ever. To ameliorate such divine pleasures, Bundoora gains from the absence of skyscrapers and tall buildings of abundance in the city - so the only thing in between you and the horizon is ubiquitously air.

To digress from the topic, yesterday was another exciting trip into the city. Apart from the idiosyncrasies, yesterday was also the day I'd cross another line off my to-do list. Something I'd so long for to do, for the longest time. Now, to experience such a sweet wonder - so sinfully delicious that it embodies the very apotheosis of modern day desserts, perfect for sugar-crazed connoisseurs such as myself.

Yesterday was the day I had my first batch of Krispy Kreme donuts. Boy, were they good. So good, that I wonder whether one should live off their lives just on their heaven-glazed wonders. This said, having had experienced the best donuts I've ever had in my life (so far) - was a wonderful respite from an inevitable new week today.

More updates on the weekend, next post.


P/S : It's Dose Nine Eight today for chemoboy! His penultimate cycle, hopefully shall be more emollient than his previous eight ordeals. In all respect, he's been a true fighter - my prayers for him in sole hopes that God bestows more faith and strength to come his way in such dire times as these. All the best for the tough week coming.


Anonymous said...


Donuts again? But they sure do look good. Like I said over the phone, be on the look-out for the unpredictable can be sunny n warm one minute n chilly winds may follow the next. Keep your jacket close by at all times. Don't want you to fall ill.

I'm counting the days when Afzal's chemo will be over n he can come home for a breather...I'll make sure he is properly fed n pamper him with tru-mom's home cooked meal.

p/s : yesterday, I visited a bridal fair at PICC, Putrajaya, with Fifah. We saw many potential, maybe, would be nice, if only we can afford stuffs!


Andi said...

donut pun donut juga bos... jan lupa sit up... nanti ada pulak pencabar aku nanti... there can only be one royal chubbiness in the family at any one time...

Anonymous said...


I wish it was the 9th one. It was actually the 8th one I've just had an hour ago. Huhu.

Huih andi, sape da royal chubbiness in da family? Bos ka? =p


Andi said...

mana ada bos... dia punya throne teda sepa bole dispute... ni antara kita berlima jak... rasa2 sepa?

JeP said...

Mom : Xpela mom asalkan ader baju nk kawen. Yg penting jgn warna pink sudah ok. :)

Gymboy : Bah ndak pa, daily aku brisk walk ke uni. A 2.69km journey, abt 30 mins. Hehehe...blh la kot bakar sket lemak2 donat tu.

Chemoboy : Corrected, as shown. Sorry, probably it was my mind who wanted you to finish early kot!

Sejak dtg sini berat aku turun naik plak. Tensen aku.