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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"The one tribute to mom and dad..."

Dear Mom & Dad,

Thank you for bringing us up into the world, inspiring us to realize how far unconditional love and care can bring us to. You witnessed us crawl, walk and run. You've been with us, through thick and thin. Against all odds, you've shown us the beauty that is life.

More than two decades ago, would've you guessed these three little creatures would turn out the way they are now?

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Mom, thank you Dad. We love you so much.

Your original little rascals,
-Andi, Jep, Afzal


Anonymous said...

Diagnosis : He has what we call as house-itis. Homesick that is. =)


Andi said...

i concur... severely acute... either that or he has Too Much Time Nothing To Do syndrome... but nice post none the less...

PakTam said...

Assalamu`alaikum wm.

Jenuh membaca all the posting yang PakTam tak sempat tengok since pindah rumah. Sementelah pulak streamyx masih tak dapat lagi after almost 2 months applying for the relocation! That's TM and they dare say that that is their core business.. speaks volumes of themselves.

Anyway, glad to know that you adjusts well. Luckily the you got throu the Immigration without much hassle. Masa PakTam pegi dulu banyak cekadak. Diorang banyak tanya sebab PakTam datang 1st time and sorang pulak tu. Macam le orang Msia ni tak reti macam mana nak pegi ke sana ke sini kat Aus tu. Lain la kalau kat Ulu Gali. Cuba diorang datang Ulu Gali. Pas tu dari situ suruh diorang pegi Gali Lurus. Haa... menanah (macam Sarimah AF cakap) diorang... Nak carik tram? Naik lori sawit/koko boleh la..

Your apartment looks cosy enuf and spacious. Gambar Victoria Market tu reminds me of my visit there. Ada lagi budak cina (Msia)jual nougat kat situ?

Going abroad for studies sure gets you feeling all those things. Lain la kalau pegi holiday or berjalan. But that's part of the journey in life which Allah has set for you. For you to appreciate more, re-learn living life in a different atmosphere, make decisions, deal with problems, help others and so on.

I have all the confidence that you will pull through. Afterall, Fifah will join you in no time which will give you enuf reason to excel.

Dari kecik lagi you have all kinds of tricks up your sleeves. With your maturity, ilmu & agama, you will do this in a breeze, and come back as Dr. Mas Jaffri Masarudin, insya Allah (and must be Prof. Dr. Mas Jaffri Masarudin NOT LONG thereafter).

If I can say this, I myself am as proud as Mama of you. Of course of my other nephews and nieces as well, all in their own individual ways. Indeed Allah has granted our family His Rahmat for which we must say our endless Syukur.

You guys know why you are where you are and who you are today? You know the answer. Its your Mom and Dad. Of course its through your hard work too but it is something which your Mom and Dad did ikhlas for you guys, the family and others that Allah beri sebahagian balasanNya. That is a lesson before our own eyes which all of us must not forget. The moral is, ... la, dah masuk universiti semua tak kan nak bagi jawapan lagi... Lu fikir la sendiri..!

OK. take good care of yourself there.

p/s: now looking forward nak tengok "calon" Andi pulak..


Anonymous said...


I was wondering it mother's day or father's day? Yang pasti earthhour is coming up!...anything, I concurr with Afzal, it's HOUSEITIS...

But, joke you know, papa is a man of few words, where mama is concerned..meaning, dia jarang bagi compliment kat mama...but recently,sempena wedding anniversary kitaorang, he said this.."Thank you for giving me beautiful children"...I rest my case.

Love always..mama & papa.

Andi said...

Macam mane pulak Pektam boleh drag me into this...aiseh...

Anonymous said...

Ntahnye andi...jual mahal pulak. Takkan nak aku langkah bendul kot =)