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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"The one with quake No.2, and all the weekend food..."

The past few days have been very cool in sunny Bundoora. Despite the amount of sun we're getting, in plain sight were people lounging on park grounds. Afternoon in La Trobe invites such a conundrum to see the masses lying on grass having a wonderful time - throwing frisbees in the air as if putting all their worries to rest. If only the situation was so that is Malaysia - you'd catch many a mishaps being under the sun for so long. Instead, here you'd actually be tempted to join in the fun. That's why today I decided to have lunch in the park, near to earth soil with Fendi.

Then again, we also have our fair share of thunderstorms as well. Last Saturday it practically poured throughout the day. I took this picture before one of the storms that day. Tis' was a nice day to bunk in and sleep.

Instead, Jimin and I received an invitation from Ayub for lunch at his apartment in Kingsbury Garden. Now, how was a pair of housemates ever able to deny free food? By noon after prayers, we were on our way. Since there was quite a drizzle, we opted for the tram and walked the remaining way from the tram stop. Kingsbury Garden was my initial target for accomodation, so to be able to informally 'inspect' the premises from the inside was an immediate pleasure I was looking forward to.

I don't have any pictures to post during our stay but I'm sure to ask Ayub a copy soon.

We had a nice time. Getting warm to the Malaysians of Bundoora. But then again, I suck when it comes to remembering names. I was sure I'd immediately forget theirs as soon as we left Ayub's place, which was confidently put to truth when my mind squabbled to relate whom Jimin was referring to while contemplating a certain individual he'd fancied. Nevertheless, I had fun and I felt a little bit of home amongst all the warmness. You see, living in the suburbs in a small community of people from your country really puts your judgemental qualities at a minimum, and you strive to accept people the way they are here. Which is good.

Jimin and I left after almost two hours of mingling around. It's time to imitate the polar bear, and return to the hive for hibernation mode. It was still drizzling, and the cool weather seemed to almost nod in permission of this passive behavioral intentions of ours.

That was Saturday. The day after, the gang took through the tram routes to another destination - Brands Outlet at the end of the tram tracks near RMIT. At a glance, Bundoora's Brands Outlet is similar to York's Designer Outlet. A place where you can get designer apparel at warehouse prices. There was a sale going on that week, and Aussie's stay true to testament that discounts are indeed as good as it looks. Similar to UK, discounts are on RETAIL tags so it was definitely cheap. Imagine, a Guess handbag for AUD160. The same bag costs almost RM800 back home!

How'd I know? I checked online. Yes, I'm that berkira ok.

Omar from Melbourne city joined us a short while after our arrival, and throughout the end of our visit (I've already got myself a shirt and jacket) Jimin decided to invite the gang back to the crib for an impromptu, unofficial house-warming late lunch. Of course, you can't deem a house-warming without at least a party of eight so he invited another acquaintance of ours, Najmie, which in turn also invited her housemates over as well.

So, what to cook when under pressure of time and substance? Spagetti. Never fails to impress.

We were ultimately satisfied with our bolognaise express - prepared in slightly less than an hour. Sedap la, at least to Fendi. Yang lain senyap je, tapi pinggan licin. Ok la tu, sedap jugak la kot. Proud of ourselves, I laid to rest Jimin's wise words..."Kalau dia tau proses macam mana kita masak ni tadi, sure diaorang dah muntah-muntah."

Buat bodoh je.

The gang hung out for a good few hours, before then deciding to raid Mahathir Milla's house as well. Somehow, that day everyone was in the spirit of raya. They left early to prepare whatever's left in their kitchen to stuff us with, before we conveniently popped in later to their awesome cekodok pisang and potato chips. It's been a while since I had cekodok and this episode makes me miss mom's version even more.

The whole gang, whom all doesn't seen to be full even after stuffing ourselves with who-knows-what already.

Mahathir and Mila, our tea-time hosts who graciously accepted our invitation to crash their home (much to their pleasure I'd presume!). Thanks guys, you've been swell neighbours.

All in all, I'd have a very nice time last weekend; considering it wasn't spent parading the streets of Melbourne city like the previous weeks. Fendi has been keeping tabs of my spending, harrassing my every expenditure like BPR now does on every UMNO politician. Alas, I'm glad he does because now I have more reasons to save for other stuff - like getting married!

That Sunday night we ended our week dreading the coming of Monday.

Today we'd have our second quake in a forthnight here at Bundoora. Somehow, I'm not suprised to the grounds shaking this time. It feels almost...normal. Reports estimated a 4.5 Ritcher scale shake, which just progressed a mere few seconds this time. Shorter than the last one we had.


p/s : It's Day 3 post chemo Dose 7, I hope chemoboy's recovering well and eating his food. Somehow, his state and condition now lies on M as abg Azhar is no longer there to look after him. Let's extend our doa's - that he'll pull through strong as is his will.


Anonymous said...


I have a morning routine now...sampai je ofis, bukak blog Jep n Afzal..baru I have peace of mind to continue work.

You seem to be living it up down under. The more you get to know people the better because being away from family, they are now your family!

I called Afzal on chemoday, at 11.00am Sheffield time. I know he would be in hospital then, but its not easy to get him. Sunday night papa n me tried to call but failed. Rupanya dia tengah bertanding nasyid lagi!..and he won lagi tu..hebat betul anak mama yang sorang ni ( anak mama semua hebat2 belaka ).

Anyway, thank you Fendi for helping keep tab of Jep's spending. Back home, he keeps tab of my spending...tapi jangan la sampai ikat perut pulak.

Take care..mama.

Anonymous said...


Woo, talking behind my back kat Jep's blog aa. Biasala, weekend sebelum chemo kenala cari ways to uplift my spirit. Kalau tak camne nak melayan encik cannula dan encik chemo.

Jep, beringat sebelum kena bro..bulan Disember tu tak lama lagi dah tu..nak menyara dua orang tak sama macam menyara perut sendiri yer..=)


Anonymous said...

gosh, i hope everyone's not implying that i'll be bleeding his wallet to death once we are married.. ;)hope i can put my share on the table as well.

sayang, sounds like u had a fun weekend. hope all your weekends are going to be as fun as this was. all of us miss you very much, at the very least we know that you are enjoying yourself there and not being too homesick.

faithfully and eagerly wait for your blog updates. we can't do the long-distance calls too often now.. ;p


p/s: have u done the orang putih thing and basked in the sun at La Trobe's campus lawn yet? ;)

Anonymous said...

skype and video conferencing kan ada....


Anonymous said...

hi andi!
like your new nick.. hehe. :)