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Saturday, March 14, 2009

"The one with a friend's matrimony.."

Sometimes I don't understand politics. It used to be a power that complements and protects; now everything seems to be politicised, and evidently its inclusion seems to be a chokehold that condones every substance it once upheld. In light of all the frugal attempts by various parties to condone the usage of English in schools for Science education, I start to wonder whether these were made with the best intentions for the schoolkids or for personal gain. Then again, these might fall under false pretenses. Maybe they are doing this for the benefit of the system. But wait, I forgot that these people are politicians.

I've been keeping abreast of the issue in light of many articles published on the mass media, but undoubtedly it was a piece by Che Det that really was icing on the cake. I wonder whether Malaysia will even have a successor that can equal his mindset and thinking. I beg to differ, because the future that I'm seeing is built upon bleak shadows and obscure visions.

Well, in the light of events...

Today a very good friend is getting married! Somehow, I'd never could have guessed that he'd be the one to take the leap among us buddies. But Alhamdulillah, he's found someone that completes him, and makes him whole. As I'm typing, he's currently onway to Nad's house - untuk dinikahkan sah sebagai suami isteri. In anticipation of expectation, congratulations in advance Fadil! You're officially off the bachelor's club now. Sorry I could not be there to personally witness it but I hope you do have the time of your life and lots of fun today. Here's wishing you a lifetime of happiness and good wishes. Selamat menempuh alam perkahwinan dan berkeluarga. Hopefully, your experience shall be a standard that both Azfar and myself would follow in return.


p/s : It's Dose 7 for chemoboy on Monday. Let's all pray that everything shall go well and the cannula sets in smoothly this time. My many doa's extend to God Almighty, to foresee Afzal's upcoming week with all His grace, empathy and protection. Amin.


azfar said...

Wish u were here to witness the historic moment... you should see fadhil jumped the gun... "saya menerima nikah... eh belum lagi.." hahaha funny siot.. anyways the event was brilliant, and everyone was happy..huhuhu

JeP said...

ye ke! ahahaha hilarious. masa aku call dia haritu xde plak dia mention blunder ni. control macho la as always, but i could see that he was very happy.

a real shame that i wasn't there to share it with u guys, but now i need some pictures as consolation tau! :)

azfar said...

Pics uploaded in facebook... aku ader video tu... xtau la bleh upload ke x...hahaha