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Friday, March 13, 2009

"The one with the crib..."

I’ve been enjoying my morning walks to the university for the past week. Serendipitously, my journey has been graced by calm and cool weathers. It is almost certain to me, that summer is slowly giving way to an inevitable autumn’s coming. Nevertheless, I cease to think that I’ll be missing the heat as much as the Aussies do, but instead rejoice in looking forward to the declining temperature. As long as it’s not subzero conditions like in Sheffield last time. I still enjoy the pleasure of walking around with only a layer of clothing on though.

With the once erratic climate now more in control, I’ve noticed that Bundoora’s landscape and surroundings are picking up as well. When I first arrived; I shrugged myself to the surprise of being greeted with African-like plains and air-filled engulfs of dust aggregations. Everywhere, at every corner was a vast ambiance of yellow vegetation on brown soil. Not even a single small proximity of green grass at all. At that time, I experienced first hand - that walking home from La Trobe against 130km/h winds was not the brightest of ideas after all. That being said, it wasn't until my most recent walk this morning – that I could already witness the true potential of Bundoora’s beauty in spring. Flowers are slowly beginning to re-bloom, trees are now thriving with thick bushes of leaves and branches, grasses are well, green. I’ve seen more birds chirping on trees now – here in the suburbs you’d see a fair share of parrots and toucans on trees; cutting through small branches onto yourself. Nasty little buggers. And thanks to the bountiful showers we’ve been getting the past few days, I reckon in two weeks time everything shall be in full-swing. Let’s hope it’ll come quicker so that I can take a few pictures to post for you guys.

Anyways, to top it up – guess what I saw yesterday morning? A baby kangaroo! On the fields of La Trobe’s wild park reserve. Imagine, having been in Australia for almost two weeks now and had only set eyes on my first roo' yesterday. Shame it’s too far away for me to take a picture. My first kangaroo. Alhamdulillah, God has been kind to just test me with only a few mediocre burdens so far – despite the 10-second earthquake last week which really, literally rocked my world.

I’d just remembered that I haven’t shown you guys my humble abode. Much to my promises to Fifah and the others, somehow I left this particular detail out. Let me give you a short-tour of Apartment 66, 1251 Plenty Road, University Mews. Basically, my crib.

Behold, my desk in my bedroom. Certainly very spacious, indeed. Concept's pretty much minimalist, quintessential stuff. Can't really complain of the vast feeling of emptiness it implies - I have but just arrived and there's plenty of time to go still. But it has most of the thing's I'd need; a wardrobe large enough to fit all my stuff, and a full sliding mirror to cater to my narcissistic self. Somehow my wardrobe reminds me of the ones you'd always see in American movies, you know. Very the mat-salleh type of almari. Maybe because its white, and my wardrobe in Seri Petaling follows a much more traditional wood-brown color. Nothing to complain about my desk, however. It's good enough to be in pristine condition. I'm counting my blessings here people, because it's worse elsewhere.

Let's move to my favorite part of the apartment - the kitchen. In dire hopes of being an aspiring, budding chef I'd spend most of my time home being here. Jimin and I take turns to prepare dinner during the week, so you'd probably guess it right that two amateur cooks would really spark up some pretty horrendous dishes - and here's our experimental theatre. Has mostly everything you'd essentially need; four hot plate stoves, plenty of storage space in the cabinets, cookwares and diningwares (pans and plates), microwave, a fridge, meja makan for four. Well, in short - the usuals. Jimin was also kind enough to get ourselves a rice cooker as well.We also have our personal laundreatte in the form of both a clothes washer and dryer. Sink would've been great if it was bigger, though. Ok la for now. Jimin has this thing where he'd take pictures of everything he cooked, and so far his dishes are quite nice. Except one time where his sambal telur went a little bit pass the recommended spice level, though. Other than that, he's been a good sous chef.

Our next destination is the boy's hangout place - the living area. Well, it's actually just beside the kitchen which explains why it's more of an area than the usual room reference placebo. Yes, I know. It looks rather dull. Then again, this place comes fully furnished and at the rate we're paying this is good enough. Two two-seater sofas comes complimentary on the house, along with two end and coffee tables. The TV is once again, courtesy of Jimin. Extending outside the living space is our balcony, which I must say has quite a nice view of the suburbs. Not exceptional, but still we have a view of the horizon. Not bad. Again, I'm not complaining.

All in all, it's not a bad place to stay, actually. Of course the only trade-off is that it's a bit far off campus, but we rejoice in the resounding fact that the tram's easily accesible and we have a shopping centre nearby that houses most of our groceries list. Jimin even told me he'd spotted a nearby Halal butcher within the premises. Of course, it falls far enough to match chemoboy's crib in Filey St and it's proximity to the legendary Yafai's but - at least it's non too shabby as well here. The people here are also very friendly, not to mention.

I'm saving a few more areas of the apartment for my next few posts. I've yet to show you guys around the neighbourhood. Oh, have I told you that we also have a pool table in the common room? And the best thing is it's free for everyone to play. So, once in a while bolehla hone my pitiful excuse for any billiard-skills.



Wa said...

Your room is huge!!! Mine is very tiny lorr...huhuhu.. Will you be going back to Mesia for Raye??(Hehehe..semangat x??) Anyways, I'm not going back and planning a trip to Melbourne. Maybe you can cook me your specialties then?? Eh, ke u r going back for kawen?? Huhuhuhu... Wa yg sebokkk!!! Cheers!!

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum wbth,

Your crib is very nice! It's cute, cosy and CLEAN! Kudos to jimin for having kept it clean so far and I know for a fact that you will have no problem maintaining it. You are always a sucker for tidying up the house. The only thing it lacks is that female liven things up..but then again, you males can also liven things up a bit. Give your living area a bit more colour maybe with a pot of plant?

Anyway, looking forward to viewing the rest of your u lots, mama.

p/s: I'll be going to Fadil's wedding tomorrow, kat groom's house. I'm bringing Andi Aiysha n Tiqah skali.

JeP said...

Wa : nk cook aper je utk korang. aku masak biase2 je. masakan bujang la katakan. but i'll definitely be in Melb kot raya thn ni. nnt leh la kumpul ramai2! rasanya by end nov blk msia la kot nk kawen. dh dpt save the date card x?

Mama : smlm berkunjung ke rumah a friend nearby, their house nmpk very homy. pasni nk ajak jimin beli sum stuffs to make ours more lively. dunno abt having pots of plants though, remember wht happened to the cactus kat s.petaling? :p