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Thursday, February 05, 2009

"The one with not knowing how Chemo Dose Four went..."

Alhamdulillah, last monday was Afzal's fourth chemo dose and from his latest entry I'd assume that everything went smoothly. Part of the agony of treatment lies indirectly upon the whole process of the dose administration itself; I remember at one time we were only discharged from Royal Hallamshire after 4pm - almost 7-hours being warded, six of them spent staring into space.

Since I am no longer there to look after his necessities during his slums, I decided to ring abg Azhar up last night to ask on how he was doing. Yesterday and today would usually be his flat-days and true to test, abg Azhar told me he was mostly bed-ridden. They've taken turns between themselves (the housemates) to each cater to him during his meals. It's a good thing that most of them are proficient chefs, I've picked up some useful cooking tips from them while I was there.

If things are similar, he'd be also having a tough day today and should recover to his heels by tommorow, insyaAllah. Abg Azhar did mention that this time coming, he responded better than the last time; first day post chemo he still had the strength to dine and pray together with him. I do hope that he'd pick up on his strengths soon. It really is quite awkward to wake up not cooking meals for him nowadays. I rather miss those episodes, quite frankly.

Let's all pray that he'll recover as soon as possible, and that everything shall transcend as smoothly as possible. We all worry for him back here, but miss him more. Let's just hope that his next post shall be in the very near future, and it bears good thoughts.


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Azwa said...

insyaAllah... Afzal will recover..