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Saturday, February 07, 2009

"The one short pose in KK..."

I've been home for a week now. It seems as if just yesterday I made my daily trips to Ya Fai, or wandering around Sheffield Central through bookrows in Waterstone and aisles in Somerfield. It has been such an incredible experience being in the UK that until now the feeling remains strongly surreal. In what seems almost like a blink of an eye it has been seven days since I touched down in KLIA, leaving behing chemoboy thousands of miles away. Hopefully he shall be able to be taken care of in the hands of his reliable housemates and people that cares for him greatly.

It's good to keep in touch with friends back in Malaysia; and considering that it'll be soon before I leave again for Melbourne, the clock seems to tick again in favor of another emotional rollercoaster. Indeed these are times one sets off his life to, and for me the understanding becomes equally clear on the notion of leaving home again - in pursuit of a better cause in my life and carrier. How I only wished that the departure could've be much easier in consolation.

Both close friends and relatives organized a belated birthday get-together the day after my arrival home, and as usual it was nothing short of spectacular. I had fun, and it was nice to finally see everyone after so long - especially my dearest fiancee Fifah whom I've missed so dearly. Thank you guys for the kind gesture.

I'm spending the Thaipusam holidays in KK at the moment; it's been a while since I've seen Dad and I decided to take this opportunity to tag alongside Mom for a visit to Taman Orkid under short notice. This might be my last trip to KK before I leave for Melbourne end of this month. The bursary had confirmed my flight on Friday - I'm leaving on the 28th of February, at an estimated 9.25pm departure time.

Oh, and I've jumped into the Maxis Broadband bandwagon alongside the other few hundreds of people utilizing the service. So far connection's good here in KK. Mom decided that the subscription was a crucial step, considering that an internet connection would do well to keep Atiqah occupied in KK when everyone was away in KL. For now, this modem shall find its use here in her hands - of course under Dad's supervision.

I'll write again soon. For now, I'm enjoying every single moment spent here with everyone. There shall be a time when all seven of us shall be having breakfast together again, but for now we bear it sufficient with a party of five.

Prayers for Afzal's health back in Sheffield.


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