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Monday, February 23, 2009

"The one desk that ceases to be mine..."

This morning I decided to move on and start packing my (not-so-many) stuffs on my cubicle in ITMA. I've been putting this off for the past week and considering I had spare time, it's due time that I do so. The whole process, surprisingly wasn't as complicated and tiresome as I'd predicted. Everything was well tucked and packed into ONE medium-sized box under 45 minutes. Gosh somehow I had exaggerated the collection of things I have from the last two years in my mind. Certainly there's more thrash than real stuff.

The fun part about packing stuff (yes, i mean FUN) is that you'll come across things that you never knew you had. For instance, I haven't but just today realized that I had a copy of the STPM Biology textbook. Don't even ask me why nor how, because I really do not have the slightest idea for an answer to that. It's not even mine to start with; I hanged the ghastly green pants at age 17 straight after SPM.

Somehow I think I'm beginning to comprehend why Dr. Parames has been giving me the stink-eye during faculty meetings nowadays. I'll just leave the book in her pigeon hole later.

I've been in ITMA for a full three years, mind you! Gosh that's long. Considering only 2 and a half years was spent within my MSc period. Now it's 2009 and I'm en route for my doctorate. It's either time flies so fast, or I'd just lost track of how long I've been there (or just plain ignoring the fact that I've hogged the place ever since!). I remember pasting this tag onto my cubicle; complaining incessantly as to how on earth Kak Wani could've miss-spelled my lastname but got my surname right, and had my matric number wrong but my expected graduation year early. Not to mention that this cubicle wall had the tendency to rock and cradle everytime one leaned over it - I've lost count as to how many had experience the humiliating reaction of nearly falling after Prof. Zobir's fifth time. Fun times, definitely.

[I've had my name mis-spelled before, but never my lastname.]

And then there was the work plan. Every post graduate student hopeful would agree that what you have at the start of your admission would never end the way intended. It's either it gets extensively modified to the point that even you start to wonder what on earth you're doing, or you end up doing something that totally differed from what you'd sign up for. I wouldn't say that mine was the latter, but more of the former. All's well ends well, I suppose. Got a paper out of it, in quite a respectable peer-reviewed impact factor journal, nonetheless.

[The workplan (penned in 2006) that did not actually 100% materialise. It got bigger than this, I can say now.]

I think I had a wonderful experience doing research for my MSc. I've heard hair-raising, teeth grinding tales from many others but I was lucky mine wasn't as bad. I had great mentors, and supportive colleagues who most of them had become more like family now. Not to mention it was also here, that my carrier as a researcher and academician had started; mom said that I've always managed to be in the right place, at the right time. There indeed was considerable truth in this - but I always remind myself that if not for the grit of hard work and persistence, I would not get to where I am now no matter how lucky I was either.

Hopefully in 3-4 years time I'll earn a scroll that can be a stepping stone to more significant milestones in my life. For once, there'll be two Dr.'s in the family. Only one can now legally prescribe the recently-made popular anti-nausea drug domperiodone, and that someone would definitely not be me. I'll be at the receiving end, perhaps.

I'm already packing! Mom had again pestered me to get a new, expensive luggage bag so since I was pretty hesitant on splurging for just a bag (after spending the equivalent of five-raya shoppings in pants and clothes) she decided to chip in. For now, all my stuffs are (neatly) arranged on the kitchen sofa. Still a bit more to pack, and I'm sure I'll bound to miss and leave something behind in the end. Last time it was Darul Syifa's water for Afzal I've left when we departed for London. I wonder what it'll be this time. I'm crossing my fingers it'll be something that I'd rather want left behind (but mom asked to bring anyways!) :p

I'll need to apply for a credit card from Maybank by Thursday. Will definitely need at least one before I leave. Relying on a debit card is not a worthy option to pursue when you're leaving for a country which has a superior exchange rate than our Ringgit.



Anonymous said...

I share your enthusiasm about leaving for Australia because I can understand it's definitely exciting if you are embarking on something for buying your very first brand new car..this time, the one staying abroad is'll now experience what chemoboy has to put up with the last 4 years or so. But I can't help feeling sad because my family is slowly shrinking. Pretty soon there will only be me and papa. As I look back, it seems like only yesterday I was bringing my three sons - Andi(3yrs),Jaffri(2yrs)n Afzal(1yr+) - home from the United States. Surprisingly, you guys were much more well-behaved than I had expected n we survived the trip unscathed eventhoug I was alone n there were 3 of you! I should have known my boys are destined to become incredibly wonderful human beings, and it shows from your very early ages. Thank you for giving me the pleasure of mothering you guys and I still look forward to continuing my services till the end of time...mama.

p/s: To my 2 beautiful girls - I love the two of you even more.

dr_luv82 said...

err...surname dengan last name tu bukan sama ke?

Mokrish said...

that cubicle used to be yer beloved abang budy's place...and mine was the one behind of you.