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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

"The one with being back from the woods..."

I'm back! Back from BTN, that is.

Wow. What a feeling. I mean, I've heard stories and all. The gossips. Testimonials from previous alums. With each, I blame them being brainwashed by this government propaganda for their undying support on BN's favor.

Boy I was wrong. To criticise is to say without experience. 

But to experience is to earn the respect of saying.

To sum up the whole 5-days in a post is incomprehensible. Well, to even attempt such a summary would defeat the purpose of sharing. It's rather impossible to do so. All the activities, people, emotions that follows into yesterday's end. 

Something only those present can relate to. Can understand.

I'll tell you this - I definitely feel a great desire for my motherland now. 

My Malaysia. 

BTN is all about our motherland, not our government. Governments change through time, but we remain as the rakyats. I've realized I've been ignored before. I hope I won't again.

I'll share my BTN experience in my next post. For now, let me bask you guys with this video.

Tears would follow me now every time I see this. Even more when you read the poem.

It means so much more now, than it ever did or would, before. 



Mokrish said...

Jep memang poyo sangat-sangat hahaha typical you, desktop dengan lambang BTN la etc....i went thru that phase before (excluding the desktop thingy hehehe) me, you will never be the same again especially once you are abroad.

pengirankudos said...

huhuuu... best sgt!!!