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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"The one with the funniest movie to date, and Kimi.."

First things first : if you haven't watched Ben Stiller's encore-directorial Tropic Thunder, you'd best fill those free time giving it a justice at the screens. Cause believe me, it'll rock your socks off. Literally, one of the funniest movies this year.

I've been an avid fan of funnies by the likes of Mr. Stiller and Mr. Black themselves but to have both at the same time, boy now that's a combination that'll tickle your fancies as comedies go. Sprinkle a little bit of genius courtesy of the phenomenal Mr. Downey Jr., and the resulting is a concoction that'll leave you wetting your pants with popcorn full in your mouth.

I was blessed by the opportune to knock rackets yesterday with the usual gang; among them included were parents Peja and Zuera. The great thing about having them around is the grace of their little Kimi; one bucketful of energy and adrenaline rush. I'm no paediatrician by nature; but I do love kids and Kimi was no exception to this long list of fonds of mine. It was always wonderful having him around, actively moving about without care. Almost a wonder though, how Peja and Zuera's been able to cater to him all this time. At times I find myself hardly catching up with his level of enthusiasm.

Thanks to Kimi's parents who were a good sports as we've always known them by - we took him for a ride after badminton before retiring to As-Salam for our usual post-badminton drinks. It's nice to update ourselves once in a while with rantings and fables of lives, seeing it is that everyone's just so busy nowadays.

Well, just to pass around the information for those inclined to attend :

Funny thing is : I've never known that we did have an alumni up until I received the email from a friend in UMS. Even if we did - frankly I don't think its existence justifies my attendance. Unless this is actually an umbrella organisation helmed by UMS graduates unofficially. Then it'd strike my fancy.

No points on guessing whether I'll be attending this fiasco or not.

I'm off for my BTN this whole week : tentatively it's scheduled from 30/10 to 4/11 somewhere in the outskirts of Negri Sembilan. Presumably organized by advocates of our ever-declining government, I'm a bit anxious to see what'll there be in store for us. Another reason for me to be more picky on Pak Lah's leadership.



Anonymous said...

good luck with the brainwashing.. :P
i'll miss you!


wa said...

am waiting for my btn too larr...huhuhu...thot of going earlier but this btn thingy really help me up.. :( anyways, have fun!!! ;)

Sweet Thinker said...

haa? alumni? kekeke. ape neh?

eih. part mane yg kelakar movie neh. akoo tgk smpi del movie nie. uwaaa. xphm akoo!