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Monday, October 20, 2008

"The one with me updates..."

Last weekend my kind family took the hassle of gathering at our house in Seri Petaling. As usual, this incandescent idea incinerated from my mom's earlier plan of inviting a few people over for some lemang/nasi himpit/rendang/kuah kacang treat. Of course, what was planned to be just a small affair turned full frontal food serving - with my mom busy at the kitchen getting jiggy with raw food. That Saturday even before noon, she was already done with most of the options on the menu. And mind you, the menu was extensive.

By Isyak, everyone was frolicking up and about around the house. Laughter everywhere. Smiles aplenty. Well, you know - every bit the normal atmosphere you'd expect when there's a get-together at our house. I loved every bit of it. I'm sure everyone did as well. This time we were graced by the attendance of a few new faces - Afzan and Sarah. Thanks girls! By midnight, as we waved everyone goodbye I found myself lazying in front of the tv on the sofa. Trying to grasp any feeling left of my two legs, but to no avail. It was tiring, but wonderfully euphoric.

And guess what them people got in store for me that night? 

A congratulatory card from everyone, for my recent Viva exams that had preceded. Thanks you guys! I really appreciate it.

I have found that my weekends are always packed with something nowadays. I like the feeling of it; to not waste precious time as it is a gift we all receive aplenty from the Almighty everyday. I find that Time is the most taken for granted blessing ever. And the worst thing is that we always fail to realize this. Majority overrules time for being 'too busy', or 'too tired' and even 'too lazy'. A colleague of mine often said that as kids we can't seem to sit still, but as adults we don't really seem to even move at all.

We're all guilty as charged, if that's the case then. Definitely a pinch of bitter irony, I'd say. 

Having said that, I realize that we should indeed capitalise the time allocated by God. At least, doing something, not even necessarily useful. With Mom and Dad away for Deepavali this weekend, and Andi going to Ipoh; I'm contemplating that "Kursus Kahwin" Nafa told me yesterday over lunch. Wonder if there are still vacancies this short notice. Or, maybe get a few friends to watch Tropic Thunder, and catch up on everyone over coffee after the movie. That'll be swell. 

Oh, and I almost forgot Irwan's wedding this Saturday. Gosh.