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Monday, September 01, 2008

"The one with erni's little monster..."

Thank you to Erni for hosting us last Saturday, when we dropped by for a visit on baby Ziyyad. It was indeed wonderful to see her, after a long time. She was still her cheerful self, I must say - having blessed with the gift of being a mother. I have to admit, I was exceptionally excited to come and pay them a visit after soooo long - my weekends have been busy the past few months, and I'd have the most difficult time finding spare time for any personal endeavors.

Thanks to my dearest sweetheart, Azfar and Aiysha for their wonderful acquaintances.

The Zidyster (as I'd like to refer to him as) is just the cutest, cuddly baby ever! Craves a lotta attention from his mother; as mentioned by Erni herself by the countless sleepless nights she's been having.

But nothing compares to the angelic expression on your own son's face, to make all that bearable.

He's in good hands, I believe. Looking forward to my next visits to him when he's older. It would be nice to gather the zidyster along with Kimi, as well as As's and Sab's little rascals in the future.

Oh, have I mentioned we also had a great lunch as well? Courtesy of Erni's and her mom, thanks Erni! Seddapp giler!

Since we're in the neighbourhood, we decided to go shop at IKEA that same day. I think it was a good retreat from the busy schedule I've been having; spending quality time with my dearest and bringing my sis out. Considering that Ramadhan's around the corner, we spared no time helping ourselves to a good serving of IKEA's famous meatballs, curry puffs and of course Daim slices. Thanks to my dearest Fifah, for the treat.

All in all, it was a great day. Spent half a day out, just chilling and gathering positive energy away from the hustles of work. Which reminds me, I have a meeting with both Prof. Raha and Dr. Parames next week. Not to mention getting ready for my Viva exams, which only God knows when that'll be. But until then, I pay homage to the fact that I still have a life.

And that the meatballs and Daim cakes at IKEA still tastes great, as always.

- JeP


Anasfadilah said...

eh..comel gak aku lagi rupanye dlm gambar...hahah!

ingat dah serabut habes dah..ok lah tu..

thans dtg ye..

hezzy said...


nice :)