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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"The one with The Naked (Ch)Jeff...."

Nope. No review or prequels to the Permatang Pauh elections here. I have far more relevant things to post here in my blog.

Like, my latest efforts at making kuih Batik.

(Warning : Pictures might induce vomiting, or nausea. Thread lightly.)

Well, I think it turned out pretty good at the end. At least no one complained. That's why you don't see the final product. In my own words; evaporated like air. Next in line : MakTeh's salivating-inducing blueberry cheesecake. The only problem is that Ramadhan's around the corner, and anything related to such decadent delicacies are a no-no by that point.


- JeP

p/s : Tak sabar rasanya menunggu Ramadhan tiba.


azfar said...

Aku nak gak....huhuhuh

Extremist Thinker said...

eh. nie buat beskut merry kan. akoo xske beskut merry. tp bila buat camnie akoo ske. tp mesti akoo xske kalo ko masak. akoo ske dari tgn pompuan bergelar doktor. huuuu!

pengirankudos said...

erm... hantar ler sikit kat ako... cam sedap jer.. hygiene x huygeine lain kire

Anasfadilah said...

kalau aku,coklat cair tu yg aku makan..yummylicious!'

bila mau mai umah..nafa na mai..tapi tak tau jaan,depa pakat tunggu hang..

bz buat kek batik rupenyer...ceh!