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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"The one with the weekend...and the weekend after...."

Here's the latest news - I'll be officially back to work from my study leave next month. Which means I only have approximately a little less than two weeks of total freedom...!

Which means at this particular moment I'm contemplating whether I should be going to UPM regularly and as timely as I do daily before - or just slack off the rest of the month. Don't get me wrong; I'm otherwise happy to be reporting back for duty, but considering it's the semester break there aren't actually much to do but more slacking. I was advised by my Dean to start confirming places for my doctoral studies, but again I just can't find the means to start now that I've ended. My MSc, that is.

I've also just returned from a short trip back to Ipoh; Wan's going for Umrah this weekend so she decided to host a kenduri doa selamat last weekend, which was the occasional kampung-style festivity that I'd always love. The venue was simple, Wan's house was big enough to hold a crowd of 150. Barely, I'd say...:) it's a good thing that she had a tent outside so that everyone could eat out under moonlight, which I thought gave a great persona that night. Took time to rekindle with my relatives this side of the family. Everyone was there, even Nata and Yasmin, the latest addition to an already growing crowd. It was fun. I, had fun.

Stayed a night before departing back home last Sunday. As usual, I had to drop by Tapah and get dearest Fifah some Jambu batu as well as her favorite Mak Bi rojak paste. Bought extra for the others in the lab and the house, just in case.

I dunno - being on the road this time, alone...gave me a lot of time and space to do a lot of thinking. Of what happened, happening, and of course, happens. I think I managed to put a lot of perspective on most things going on in my life. I have my whole life ahead of me, and it's hard to think that I'll have to make the most out of every opportunity I get. In retrospect, I realized that I've been blessed with a lot of good things and not making full use of them is wasteful. I am reminded last weekend to always find it in me to be humble - what we get is from God alone, and He can take it back as easy as He gives it away.

My sisters Atiqah and Aiysha's coming over this weekend during the school holidays - which is something great to look forward to. I'm sure Mom does. Achim's wedding is this Sunday; everyone's anxious to see her walk the aisle and I'm happy to get to see everyone again. Long lost friends. At this stage of our lives, we don't get to gather together as often as we'd do before. I miss everyone. And then there's that consequent deed of getting stuff for my engagement ceremony in July to pursue. Fifah and I have been, err..slacking and putting this off for a few weeks now so we both think it's time we start burning our pockets. Before it gets burnt prior. :)

A lot of things happening, and we're just getting started in the week!


p/s : Hey UMS peeps! I'm organizing a convoy to Achim's house this Sunday, having been elected the official convoy leader by the bride herself. Email me for the details. Azfar, Fadil, Fifah, Peja, Zuera, Yam, Pak Ya and Faeza already confirmed their attendance in the group!

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