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Saturday, May 17, 2008

"The one with the relay for life...."

Being someone who's passively involved with this disease prior, I have a soft spot towards anything related to the prevention of cancer and leading a healthy life. Which reminds me to invite all of you to this noble event;

Let's help support the fight against this disease. Let's be a part of this battle with cancer. InsyaAllah, every small deed we contribute shall go a long way.

More info can be obtained here, and off the National Cancer Society of Malaysia website.



loque said...

ko xde shoutbox r beb. cane nk shout. huhu. akoo da letak link ko. weip. ko dok sri petaling eh? dkt je ngan akoo. akoo dok kinrara. tp sllau nek lrt kat bkt jalil!

JeP said...

aiseh. xpe, ko leave comment je cukup. hehehehe...

la..dekat ruponyer ko duk ngan aku. bleh la ajak tgk EPL next season kat mamak. kat maner je?