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Friday, May 09, 2008

"The one with the classics..."

Lemme tell you how I came up with today's post; this morning I received a call from a friend I thought I had lost for a long time. I've known this particular friend of mine since primary school but when he transferred to the Peninsula at the end of Standard 6 we kinda lost contact since then.

Anyways, he left a message on my friendster profile asking for my number, and we had quite a chat over the phone this morning. Talked about where we left off, so it was kinda a reminiscence journey down memory lane. Which brings me to all the sweet memories I've left behind, and one of them being the wonderful Disney animated movies available.

Now be honest; I personally think there aren't any person today who grew up in the 90s not having a favorite Disney movie. So, what were your favorites? Comparing these evergreens to today's CGI-latent featurettes, is like comparing Proton with BMW. Very different, and such a different ballpark they're none comparable. Movies back then was full of spirit, and carried a whole new meaning, that it's instantly classic. Stories like Aladdin, The Lion King and Beauty & The Beast blend all the drama, romance and thrill that would keep even the most hyperactive kid glued to their seats.

One thing more memorable, was the soundtrack of each animated feature. They embody the sheer spirit of the 90s -every time I listen to tracks by Peabo Bryson, Regina Belle and Celine Dion I can't help but be taken back to the years in which I've had the best childhood a kid would every dream of. And I'm still taken to that special time today, most probably until the day I pick up my dentures off the floor. Boy I miss the 90s.

Now what's your favorite Disney classic? :)



AnasDila said...

i always love beauty and the beast and also aladdin!

at10 said...

wei.. awek aku.., pocahantas takde ke?

Mokrish said...

gosh...never thought you liked disney cartoons...that's sooo gay of you hahaha, lama tak cakap macam tu. Anyway, i love disney stuffs up till now. My all time favourite is Beauty and the Beast. I used to have a series of those original cartoons on VHS tapes, fungus starts growing before the turn of the new millenium. Will start collecting it back on dvd/blue ray. Planning to gather as much "not so young friends" to disneyland paris for next spring hehehe