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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

"The one with the pictures and politics...."

In a week that is efficiently turning into a mass media frenzy of the just-concluded, mostly anticipated 'defeat' of the opposition to BN; I'd like to divert its energy into more personal energy that is my family's trip to Kedah recently.

(Oh, come on. Both you and I know that we're not exuberantly glad that BN gained governmental power yet again, but instead would cherish the fact that they lost those four rich states in the country to BA. Nothing but a wake up call to what would've presumed into a detrimental political power.)

As is the case with weddings, it was both beautiful and wonderful as usual. The marriage of two families separated by none other than bloodline, but now united insyaAllah for the betterment that only God foresees. I'm content with both of them. That's a humble wish from yet a small individual that is myself.


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