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Friday, January 25, 2008

"The one with wishful thinking..."

Like every other year, friends would ask me what I want for my birthday. This year, I'd tell them to give me world peace. Most would give a smirk and tell me to be real for once, but really....what would one ask for when all it needs has been abundantly available everyday?

Then there'd be the superficial - PS3, 48-inch LCD TV, a MacBook Air....:)

I'd realize over the years that you'd want nothing but an excuse to spread joy into another being. As simple as a smile, and as unfamiliar as the person sitting next to you in the LRT train. So easy, but most of the time it also takes the most out of us. Metropolitan-lifestyles teach us to concentrate on the big picture; extravagant and elaborate actions of appreciation. Call me not traditional neither cliche but I'm a person who often looks at the details - the smallest of acts. "Thank you"s get to me more than an expensive meal bought for, because it comes from as personal compared. Most of the time minuscule and relatively-thought insignificant gestures keeps me being the person I am, and I'd like to think that I'm not that bad-off as an individual.

But hey,

What kind of person would I be to deny any materialistic item given to me? I receive, with open arms of course.....(note: every gift will be tax-deductible, noted as a 'consentual' donation)


2008's resolution #113 : Make this year more for others than thy self.



Anonymous said...

selamat hari lahir untuk ko yg ke 25 thaun. moga tahun ini membawa lebih banyak kejayaan dan sentiasa berada dalam kerahmatanNya.

ya, sama-samalah kita berdoa agar seluruh umat muslimin dan muslimat, terutamanya para-para pemimpin umat islam dibukakan hatinya agar undang-undang islam dapat ditegakkan di muka bumi ini.

dan, sama-samalah kita berdoa agar dapat dieratkan ukkhuwah islamiyah dan silaturahim agar umat islam bersatu-padu dalam menentang musuh-musuh islam yang diketuai oleh israel dan pengikutnya US, Sepanyol, Australia dll..

moga, dengan kekuatan ukkhuwah islamiyah moga kita dapat membebaskan palestin, irag, afganistan dari cengkaman barat terutamanya US yang didalangi bangsa yahudi.

juga, dengan hubungan persaudaraan yang indah ini dapat kita selamatkan baitulmaqdis dan mesjid-mesjid lain di Palestin yang tidak digunakan lagi untuk bersolat tetapi sebagai tempat bersuka-sukaan, meneguk arak dan berbuat maksiat.

Anonymous said...

birthday ko esokkan? (26hb) ari ni (25hb) shah la..

AnasDila said...

sori...salah page comment...hepi bday old man...apa fifah bagi ko present??