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Sunday, January 27, 2008

"The one with turning quarter-a-century old..."

Yesterday I'm reminded of why I'm very particular when it comes to keeping tabs with old and new friends. Why I make it a point to myself to be proud of the people I have around, be it blood-inked or not.

I owe yesterday's wonderful birthday surprise to none other than my sweetheart Fifah; it was absolutely a sweet decadent affair at Sri Petaling. Thank you all for those involved - directly or indirectly. You accomplices are the best sports! I really appreciate your grace and company in Sri Petaling, my only pardon being the condition and environment. I know most of you were basked in your own sweat for the big surprise, but nevertheless it was indeed a serendipitous shock to see all of you gather in such a small space that is my room! :)

Thank you indeed - Azfar, Fadil, Peja, Shah, Yam, Sarah, Sheena, Emily, Lie, Philo, not to mention Pakcik, Aki, PakTam, MakTam, PakTeh, MakTeh, Adi, Nabilla, Ainul. I hope didn't miss out anyone else but if I do - accept my humblest apology.

Special thanks to the masterminds behind the gathering - Mama, Aiysha and my dearest Fifah.

Thanks as well for all the wishes and sweet sms'es; really made this year's coming of age worthwhile. My only wish for the year is the persistent blessings of luck and success for all your endeavors, carrier and life.

I enjoyed myself thoroughly till the wee hours of the night that day - constantly reminded of how lucky I am to have such people in my life, and giving me more reasons to cherish their continued presence.

Thank you God, it is to you I'm in debt.



atan said...

heppi birthday jep!
aku duk jb la skrg, jadi susah sikit nak kasi hadiah kat ko. tapi aku nak rekomenkan kau satu buku yang aku rasa best. tajuknya ayat-ayat cinta-karya habiburahman el shirazy. sesuai untuk orang yang tengah bercinta macam kau.


Fellie said...

wait till u get ur present form me jeff, but u gotta give me sometime to get it for u... its nothing expensive but i hope it would be something very priceless for you..which you cnat buy it form any stores...

JeP said...

Ye ke atan? nanti aku ada masa aku pi check out buku tu k. Thanks! :)

Jiwang seh ko rekomen mende camni kat aku.

atan said...

jiwang pun jiwang gak.
insaf seh aku baca buku nih!

Shima Sapian said...

upload laa pics nyer! =).. sowi we cant come.. apapun, we wish u ALL THE BEST jep ;)