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Saturday, January 12, 2008

"The one with her inauguration, morality and Juno..."

One of these days probably I'll get myself a decent camera. It's getting pretty prevalent that I'll be indulging into a few occasions which would require the use of such a device; there've been many in the past and it's a shame that I didn't manage to capture the memories on paper.

Yesterday we had the pleasure of having Prof.'s inaugural lecture had in the varsity. Being indulged into the preparations proceeding to the big day; I can tell that she's both nervous yet very ecstatic leading into her slides. She's a busy lady - being the DVC but we managed to squeeze in numerous rehearsals so everything went well, with a few minor glitches that adds spice to the already interesting ensemble. The hall was packed; a total of 400 attendees (registered on paper) in both the hall and senate room. Totally took us by surprise. This was the largest crowd ever to convene in the lecture series, as far as I've known since the 1980s.

Of all the props and stage stunts we planned to her execution - it's indeed unique and unorthodox. Glad to see everyone had fun in a lecture hall, once in a while.

With the proceedings done from yesterday and countless restless days and hard work, I've decided to just lay it off today. Having some TLC with the house, once in a while as well...

I had friends ask me of what my 2008 resolution would be. After the 7th-time, I began to wonder such adversities of actually having one. Most of the time, I'd mention not having any other than getting my thesis done and going off for my doctorate ASAP. But with my writing almost done (I'm a few pages away people! Wuuhuu!!) and the condemned truth of scarce scholarships this year I forecast nothing ahead to hold on. So, I decided that 'working towards world peace' would be a more fitting agenda for this year.

I'm halfway there - yesterday on the way home, tired and drained, I notice myself being less nag full on the road, substituting the occasional mental swearing to slow road users with obnoxious thumbs-ups instead. Am I being more patient by turning my inner negativities into workable energy? Less negative energy equals more positive energy, at least by Newton's 3rd Law right?

Yeay for me, and world peace..!

There's an outbreak of missing children these last few months. 5-year old Sharlinie's been missing almost a week now; previously it was Nur Fatiha who went missing, thankfully found a few hours later. After Nurlin, these issues have been rampantly publicized, and we have never been as sensitive to such headlines as we are now. Hard to think that it's no longer safe for them to roam around playgrounds and malls, without having pedophiles on their acts. It used to be so much safer, but I find that morality verges upon a decline year by year. Blame it on the blooming metropolitan lifestyle - money playing a major role in everything we do and toying with our sense of self-sanity. Some would go as far as to put a spotlight on parents, but who are we to point fingers onto anyone? Not when they're still missing, that is. Personally, I'd put the blame game behind and the hunt upfront at the moment. It's the rational thing to prioritize.

But nevertheless, it'd be wise to be more cautious of young ones with us now. Just in case.

On a much lighter, joyous occasion....

Planning to catch Juno whenever it reaches our cinema shores. I think Ellen Page is simply an outstanding character. Charming and witty with a good sense of humor. The story's none too shabby as well - I've seen the trailers and clips numerous times and from the raves it's been getting, I'm sure it's one-heck of a movie to watch.


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