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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

"The one with the contest..."

(Erni, since I have the yellow DiGi toyol as a chaperon I can't exactly vote for you. This is what I have as a substitute; free publicity..hehehe)

Definitely the catchiest phrase among the other finalists Erni, I'll give you that. 'my staple, my maxis'. If me, my phrase would sound something like, 'my stapler, give it back...!'

Don't forget to vote people!
send 'MM11' to 28700. 15 sen je. Tak luak nyer.
Note : For Maxis subscribers only. Don't be like me, complaining just to know that I'm not eligible to vote. *sigh*



AnasDila said...

jep::thanks...toyol kuning sebagai cheperon!bagus...kita memang dah lama ada cheperon...nama dia rakid dan atid..malaikat menulis kejahatan dan kebaikan...hahahaha...thanks again

JeP said...

Exactly, the good and the bad are with us always indeed...:)

Thanks for reminding, hehehe...