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Saturday, November 10, 2007

"The One with never taking (time) for granted...."

In spite of the franticness that is my life, I somehow still have time to update my friendster and blog. I wonder, is it in my head or am I really THAT busy? :-/

I recall contemplating that Nov will be a crescendo rhyming ryes utterly filled with things unlikely to my liking. Hours spent miming and prying upon matters which does not bode of any immediate importance in my life at the moment, but abide nonetheless residing on the fact that it is a responsibility taken upon by the grazes of pen and paper. Immortalized on the sheet many of us know as 'the job description'. Alas, the beauty often lies in sheer serendipity. Or, at least the vague hopes of nothing resembling Murphy's Law that is.

In a manner of provoking such thoughts, I guess it's human norm. Taking things for granted just because we have the pleasure of occupation. We won't miss our water till the well runs dry. As long as we have it, we'll have it for show but not for use. Until the bitter moment it no longer belongs to us, for the sake of lateness we'd endow foolishness for future times. It is not until we lose the things we once had that we won't comprehend how important it was.

And all it takes, is for us to overlook the small things. Minuscule, most of the time insignificant to our eyes. Believe me, it really does happen without us knowing. We humans often do forget to look at the big picture. A huge puzzle made up of tiny little pieces of which is incomplete only by one's absence; like a water tower with a hole the size of microns - will dry up eventually. We repeat overlooking these small insignificant actions, every time adding up to its intensity. Until the small overcomes the largest, and the largest becomes of such a folly.

So, children - treasure what we do have, and take good care of them like flowers bloom by constant care of water and sunshine. I guess I'll have to make amends of my time; it is God's biggest investment He gave us and it lies upon our shoulders to make the most out of it. If anything, I should be using it for the greater good of society. And it starts with a very, very small person.

It shall start with myself.


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