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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

"The One with being busy...."

I guess it's due time that the blog gets a little revamping.

It's been what - a week now since I've moved into my new humble abode. My family's, that is. It's rather apparent that I'll be needing my own space sooner or later, and having to trouble PakTam so much over the past two years is a deed I'd rather put him off. So, with a little effort and strategically endowed nudges; I find myself posting this within the confines of my own four walls. A place I can call my own. At least, for what it's worth its another venture. Another phase. People evolve and if these are anything similar in comparison I'd say I'm doing quite well.

Streamyx's up an running. Got my own air-conditioning unit. A laptop. What else would any self-indulging man would want more? A PS3 maybe, but that's definitely for another phase indeed.

Carrier-wise there isn't a time more hectic as it is at present. Juggling between writing up and publishing your findings in seminars and conventions takes a big chunk off yourself, and I find the lines separating sanity and the other rather bleak at the moment. This week's definitely keeerazee - BioMalaysia, Nanotech Malaysia and PRPI all crammed into each other. Choices, choices...

Done with PRPI, at least for now. Hopefully my research would bear some recognition, if it is at its place God perceives it to be. Looking forward to Biomalaysia and Nanotech Msia ahead. I might sound geeky, but these are the things that I look forward to in my line of work. The chance and opportunity to present your findings. To share your knowledge with the masses. With other geeks and nerds. We learn best when we learn from other people, as much as we have learnt from ourselves.

Again, busy but still I'm updating my blog. Wonder where on earth did I manage to find the time. Tesis tak siap-siap lagi....



AnasDila said...


semoga berjaya jep!


anakbentong said...

talk about me being the geek in the family...