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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

"The One with looking through the glass..."

A finger pointed for blame, lays four admitted thy beholder.

It’s easy to play the blame game, is it? It’s harder admitting oneself to be in the wrong; though it remains the noblest requiring both courage and conquer of fear. We, in our neglect and egoism go through our lives shadowed in the mistakes of others. Ironic, we try very hard to deny oneself justification for any misplaced deed done; instead we find regret in selfishness. We often say that one is wrong, but wrong remains subjective isn’t it? What deems unfit for one seems like lock-to-key for another, and an act we think was always true reveals to actually being futile towards uncanny resemblances of inequality.

Maybe it’s in our genes. Hereditary concepts of evolution. We take after our ancestors; we occupy superior phenotypes from our formers and with that as well our whole thyself is built upon. Being selfish is a given, growing up to survive in such a cruel, and most of the time unfair world. A psychical moiety we call etiquettes fall on nimble ears, uncommon to us human beings. Judging from my past, doing the right thing for others and ourselves are distanced by a thinning fine line. Sometimes we think we’re protecting others from hurt, from unjust things, from converging the dark path – but unseeingly we’re blinded by a hopeless faith led by selfishness and ego. Are we doing the right thing? Are the choices we make transcend from our morality or shadowed by our dire need to protect ourselves (thus is selfishness) from being hurt or being left out? More often than not, making the RIGHT choices and passing CORRECT judgements are the hardest to make even though seems easiest.

Look beyond self interest – and concentrate on the needs and priorities of the ones at hand. Life shall surprise you; our perspectives change by the lot when we change the scope of our outlooks.

A doctor choosing to save a mum, complicated on labour rather than the unborn child. A prodigal daughter going against her parents wishes of being a doctor but rather being a singer. Choosing to give a man the classifieds than offering him money. Messages often looked passed without subliminal thought.

In the end, there’s always light at the end of a tunnel, and that everything that transcends occurs with reason. It is not what you occupy that defines us but it is our actions that do.

Immortality, after all is just another form of action.


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