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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

"The one with the flu..."

"Tiap-tiap hari kena check Wan's medication, her food intake, make sure she eats and rests properly. Every now and then kalau Jep ada masa borak-borakla with her in case she feels lonely..."

You know, every now and then when you've been working and working most of the time your body starts to give in. Lethargy strikes and by then no amount of sleep would do you any good. If tide really is against you, this is also the perfect time for a flu to barrage in. This, is a combination I feel can bring anyone down. And at the moment, this combination is bringing me down. Way, way down.

Hmm, can't really complain. It's been a while since I had time to myself, relaxing. There isn't a day in a week where I'm not out doing something or going somewhere. Sometimes I stop to catch a breath every now and then till I actually found out I haven't been properly 'resting' at all nowadays. Hmm...

Come to think of it,

I can't really complain. There are others at much worse conditions than me. PakTam's been the most caring and compassionate son a mother could ask for. Even I who's younger could not keep up with his energy and passion for his family. As a matter of fact, he leaves me far far behind in this enactment. Imagine having being able to manage a household and family with Maktam, catering to his darling daughter at each whine and in the same time taking care of Wan (day, night and dawn) who's at the moment not really at her best health. Still in the same time maintaining that strong firm character which knows no fear and failure.

Mom also told me he still accepts cases even though he occasionally refuses to due of his lack of free time. But when you're good, people delay court proceedings and actually wait for you to be free. This is who I'd aspire to be one day, humbly speaking.

Both MakTam and PakTam's leaving for Belgium this weekend. I guess it's only fair that I take after his duties at home. It's the only way I can show my gratitude for what he's done for both me and the family. It's definitely a hard act to follow, but I owe him my best to at least try.

The fact that I'm catching a flu/cold/lethargy at the moment from simply just assisting him, doesn't help at all. It's amazing that PakTam's still pretty much intact.

I need clarinase. And I need it soon. Lots of it.

"Hacen la gran gente de cómo ella enfrenta miedo, no cómo ella la evade..".


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Anonymous said...

huh?pi belgium tak habaq kat aku pun? singgah la UK! -kundur