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Thursday, June 15, 2006

"The One with making choices..."

Now, the great thing about having options is the blinding realization that we always have something to fall back on when the initial choice we make bites the dust. Having said this, sometimes having more than one choice isn't that good after all...when both leads to rather different outcomes and one would omit the other in a not so suttle way.

The itching question is, how do you know that you're making the right choice?

PTD's interview ended last Tuesday, and I must say that the whole journey it took to get to this stage was kinda well as humbling. As I exit the room from the 30-minute interview session, I was rather put down-to-earth as to how well I really knew my country as well as the ongoings for the past few weeks. And I must admit solely that I've been quite ignorant of my surroundings lately.

This was not to conclude that my conversations with the interviewees was horrible; I did manage to 'goreng' most of the questions and they were rather impressed with how I brought myself, however it strucked me that I only know most of the things they asked on the surface. Be it a written exam and I'd be toast. How ignorant we could be, that suprised me.

Fifah and I had a talk yesterday night on the phone about this documentary she watched on Astro which touched her, about the Sept-11 attacks. It's kinda worrying how the world if getting at lately, and how easy one can actually lose independence to another. One day we're free to roam the streets, and before you know it tommorow we'll be eating from the tapioca we have behind our backyards. And its also alluring to think the discrepancy some foreign powers would take to fool their counterparts and citizens just in the pursuit of a materialistic goal. Fifah was rather emotional about the whole documentary and I believe that every one of us should be - we should always be thankful of the current diplomatic state our country's in and always relate to how we could maintain it in that matter.

That's pure PTD speech, right there.

Now that PTD's settled, I'm looking forward to the final outcome - and also the junction in which leads upon two totally different bridges I'll eventually have to cross. Let's just hope that the grass is greener on the other side of the bridge I'll decide on.


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