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Thursday, April 20, 2006

"The One with Good 'ol Saturdays in KK..."

As I go through another extremely hectic week, I finally got the rare opportunity to relax and unwind as the night passes by this fine Thursday evening. And as I take a sip off the coffee MakTam made for me I rekindled happy moments and memories I miss so much in my much younger and earlier days.

You know what I miss? Saturday mornings when I was in high school.

Going down memory lane; back in the days of my shorts-wearing, badge ironned uniforms, Saturdays always gave me a unique sense of feeling. That sense of feeling that until now I couldn't express in mere words and sentence. I guess it's that sense of freedom I felt - to wake up not having to go to school (but we did have to go for co-curricular activities!) and study, being able to watch tv and play computer games without hesitation and guilt, and looking forward to just chill within the confines of the four-walled dimensions I call home.

But entirely, I guess what makes life back then so satisfying was due to how easy and simple everything was. Nothing much to worry about; that feeling of intense security and ease. In those days the only thing a teen such as myself would worry about was whether I'd have bad hair days the following week or incoming pimple attacks on exhibition to my collegues to tease about. Really, back in those days everything was settled, explained, and laid out for. Oh, and we always had the infamous nasi ayam from Rohayu every Saturday back when mom was still working in Federal House as well. Now that's another delicacy which had dissolved through time. I loved their rendition of chicken rice.

I've also come realised that why the past was so fun and lively was probably diligently accustomed to how rigid my view of the future meant. I didn't have to think about what to make of myself, what job to be in, whether I'd start making money immediately or suffer initially, it didn't really matter back then. But, inhaling the smell of reality now...

I miss the good old days.

And I've also come to accept the fact that, in the wise words of yours truly, the show must go on. Life's direction definitely goes in a straight line; and revolves in rotations of circular motions. Sometimes your up, sometimes your down. Sometimes you take two steps ahead, sometimes a step backwards. But nevertheless should it never be left astray. And I believe that life, is a LONG lesson in humility.


P/S : Happy Birthday to our dear Ainul Mardhiah Ahmad Shahrir, who turns four today. PakTam and MakTam bought her a new bike+gear, and I kinda just bought her a full sand-art box set. She loved both presents nevertheless.

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Anonymous said...

Jep..send my burfday wishes to ainul mardhiah (lantakla nak cakap camne janji die boleh paham)..tell her we'll meet again in 3 months time..insyaAllah