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Sunday, April 23, 2006

"The One with the deserted mall..."

Much to contrary apprehension, yesterday Mid Valley was kinda deserted. I mean, there wasn't as much of a crowd as it would've had on normal weekends, you know. Well I got my parking space in 5 minutes, for crying out loud.

What explains this tragic phenomenon, is yet to be revealed as so was the line protruding beyond the ticketing counters of GSC. Didn't even extend to as much as half the usual length. You could have been able to fit a complete marching band in between the last person queueing GSC and the opposite McDs. And I wondered why did I go through the hassle of booking the four of us tickets online?

Nevertheless, didn't take much of a challenge to get the tickets. The cinema wasn't even full anyways. Maybe the whole fuss just died over the week. Or maybe Ultraviolet was too much of an unrealistic movies to comprehend with rather than Gubra. At least Sharifah Amani didn't dodge hundreds of bullets within a metre's range. Somewhere between watching the movie I started to question whether this was an overcharged effort of Matrix-wannabes or just an exaggeration of female aggression.

Whatever it was, yesterday was fun. And fun for me was something of absence the last few weeks. We concluded our evening over dinner in Bangsar, and coincidently met Anuar Zain as well, for the second time. Our first encounter was in Mid, though. Talk about us being stalked. Or maybe I'm just being vain.

As much I'd should feel rather jaded over last night, right now I'm feeling kinda contented. I'm those kinda people who have a soft spot for lounging and lepak-ing with my (dad's) laptop and coffee in my hand while it's raining outside. It's my usual feeling of bliss and harmony. God I'm pathetic sometimes.

Oh, and a blind realisation came over me yesterday. Remember how parents always dresses their children with the same exact clothing? No, it's not their efforts of reliving another phase of bubblegum pop or some government conspiracy to nuture super-obedient soldiers. But its because in a crowd they'll be easily identified. At least that's what happened yesterday. Or maybe I'm just seeing quadruples.

Not to forget Lie's brush-up with a snatch thief yesterday. Nearly knocked down by the poor bastard. Excuse the vile language, as I'm not too fond of these dirtbags.

Today's the eve of one of the most important persons in my life. I apologize for not being able to be there with you in these times, but I promise that for what it's definitely worth I shall make it up to you in double when we do meet each other.

Au revoir.


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