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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

"The One with satisfying the needs of others rather than yourself..."

It's funny really, being a this huge social circle we call friends. Sometimes it seems to bug you that some sets of friends you own should be kept away from another set of friends, or it's gonna be like splashing spirit on burning flames.

And sometimes it seems that you can't help but be caught in the middle of an argument or dramatic situation in which both your acquaintances are the main actors. When it comes to this, then you can safely say that whatever you say or do to help the situation would always fall upon deaf ears. In this metaphore, surreal it may look but often the losing side would be of yourself; it's hard to maintain a healthy relationship when you have to take sides. And in a clash between reality versus dream, what would be comprehend - establishing the right grounds or the sensible thing? As in either to take the heat standing up for what's righteous and noble or demand hypocritism by being two-headed?

Often, I feel that it's a brutal fight and balance of both evils. Personally I'm a firm believer that; as a rule of thumb, we can never make everyone happy and satisfy every person's needs.

But having said that, sometimes doing the right thing might also mean that we need to establish doubts within the confines of the troubled minds as well. It's kinda like that Trojan Horse thingy you know - reverse psychology can do a lot of good, that is if used for the betterment of others and perfomed in the hands of innocence.

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