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Thursday, March 02, 2006

"The One with being a PTD-wannabe, and coping with fuel prices...."

Lemme update you guys on what's been happening the past few weeks of my absence;

I've recently just underwent the PTD M41 special exam; and it was somewhat a very exciting experience. I've never been through an exam more rigid and demanding as this. There were six exams alltogether, cramped into two days. The time allocated for each exam was horrendous; imagine being pressured to finish about 50 IQ questions in a mere 45 minutes!

Nevertheless it was a memorable week. Kinda felt that I flunked a few sections though. Well, I think I kinda did okay for someone who just knew a day before the exam.

Work's been very hectic; a lot of stuff happening and progresses have been promising nonetheless. I'm currently half-way through my thesis labwork, and realising that I'm just three-quarter's past my first semester; I thought I toned down a little workwise. Gave myself a few days off to handle other stuff - like presentations and class assignments. Just today I found out that I have another scientific presentation scheduled next week.

Oh, and I guess this goes to Afzal who's all the way in UK. Yes, the infamous legendary WCL8556 will be sold. Just moments ago PakCik informed me that the transaction is currently being done, and before I knew it over a decade of memories the old van and I shared passed by in a flash. The van has been all over the place, every nook and cranny, every place and every location. And both of us shared a lot of experience navigating the streets of KL; finding our way home and getting lost everywhere. Hmmm, I'm gonna miss the beat-up sounds of that rusted ol' vehicle. And that annoying 'coolant' indicator that keeps flashing up whenever you start driving it.

I guess Sarah was right that sometimes you have to let go of the things you hold dear so much, in order to move on with your life. Memories are immortal, so they say.

Now the hottest issue to hit the grapevines would be the sudden hike in petrol prices nationwide. I mean, the prices are still comparably lower than those of our neighbouring countries (except Brunei that is!) but when you ratio it towards life expenses and local economic status; it does call for anything else but smiley faces. It's frightening really to imagine one day we'll have to pay RM2.50 for a single litre of petrol. The rate's already a mere 8 cents from the RM2 mark, and the very fact that the nation's oil reserve will be fully depleted by 2010.

Hmmph...que sera sera.

If there's something I've learned from life, is that you'll just have to live in the moment and treasure everything you have at the moment. Let fate play its cards and leave the future to unfold itself.


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Anonymous said...

Arghh tidaaakkk!!!kenapa takde orang tanye aku dulu seblom jual van tuh!!!!huhu my spectron..btw, err jep ko dah cek ke kalo beg bowling aku dalam van tu dah bawak keluar?huhu..