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Friday, September 16, 2005

"The One with Growing Up.."

I'm on a ride right now, on the emotional rollercoaster of life...:-)

Sometimes in life, you won't get exactly what you wish for. That's just how it is. Heck, if everyone had their will life would just be boring; there's nothing to live for. Plus the fact that millions of people would complain about their RM16 earnings through the 4Ds. At present I'm already in Putrajaya, under the wings of PakTam and MakTam who's kind enough of letting me stay during my Graduate studies in UPM which's starting next Mon. I have exactly no idea what to expect as the week passes by but I can expect many, many suprises in store. Somehow deep inside I have a gut feeling that everything's not as bad as I perceive it to be.

This morning I've sent both my mom and Afzal off at KLIA. As I've mentioned before, these dropping and sending off business feels so much like crap. No pun intended. Having to say goodbye to Afzal was depressing; that is without regard that he'll only touch Malaysian soil again in another year and a half. Mom's coming back to KK on the 12.15pm flight, so that means I'm now all by myself. Three years back this'd mean ultimate freedom for me; but I guess when you're as attached to your family as I am, being fully independant doesn't actually ring too pleasant on your usual wavelength. Not to mention that I miss Fifah so much, hopefully she's coping better than I am at the moment.

The only great thing that keeps me going is the fact that I've just graduated and the ol' convocation flames are still burnin. Undergraduate life has left a very profound feeling in my life and looking back through all the times and memories the past three years I know it'll forever hold a place in my life.


Maybe I'll pay a visit to Azfar's and Fadil this weekend. Fadil's been swell to ask me out for a drink....might also rendezvous with Faeza and Soo Chin as well. Anything to let my mind off these emotional luggages. As my dad had put it; "It's time you go out and see the world, time to take on responsibilities and rely on your own. Time to explore your potentials and challenge yourself to the maximum of your capabilities. But more importantly, it's time for you to grow up as a person."

Guess I'll have to start doing grown-up things now. I'll start by having a cuppa coffee and reading the Business Times. Like now.

Que sera sera.


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