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Sunday, September 18, 2005


"Sedekahkan Al-Fatihah kepada allahyarham anak Dr. Jualang yang telah pulang ke rahmatullah pada pagi Jumaat yang lalu. Sesungguhnya segala ini adalah dugaan dan cabaran dari-Nya; memisahkan di antara ahli-Nya yang mungkar dan yang taqwa."

I always try to find it in me to remind myself upon my perspectives on those I loved that've left me to a higher place. I believe that the sole purpose of our creation into the world is to prove ourselves worthy of God's Jannah, to live our temporary lives to the fullest before redemption. God's love is equal; not any one of His servants are without His love. Have faith in my words when I say that those taken 'earlier' than we deem should simply means God loves them so much, that He took them away from this cruel world in spite for them to enter heaven as pure souls - untouched by the sins of the world.

Nevertheless, life is equally valuable. We learn to live and let go through wisdoms of life, as much as it hurts I hope that Dr Jualang and family will be strong during this tough ordeal. For the time being; I solemnly believe that his son is in a new serene place, far better than where we are now. Salam takziah.

Innalillah hiwainnalillah hiroji'un.


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