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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Late Afternoon Show...

I agree with most of my fellow bloggers; today's a very long and boring day..
Today's kinda a lazy day for me, it's about 6pm here in Gwangju and the sun's still shining proudly. The weather's turn out for the best nowadays - I just love the spring atmosphere in GIST; not too hot nor too cold. At least this is applicable only in the wee hours of the day. Once the moon sets then temperatures takes almost a 180 degree turn. Anyways, back to the topic : today I did nothing but stare at papers and papers of journals on my desk, oh and Prof. Chul's Advanced Biochem class earlier this morning.
Vashaili, the PhD. student I'm winging this next two weeks is still developing her protocols and methodologies and thus presently not perfoming any experiments at the moment. That translates as 'no-work' for me either, because here in GIST my attachment is strictly lending a helping hand on their research-expertise; nothing more nothing less. No James Dean, Nobel laureate daredevil stuff here, nope...frankly speaking, if they're not working you might as well not lift a single pipette. Not that I'm complaining of course. The boredom's not when you don't have anything to do - it's figuring what to do to fill in the timespace.
Blogspot's having their maintenance thingy later today, not sure when but I guess I'd better post my entry before they do so. Did you guys check out Andi's blog? Hilarious, I'd say the least. It's great reading stuff from the excerpts of an ambitious person stuck at home, against his wishes! Visit his site, if you have the chance to. You'll be left amazed. The link to his site is on my page at the right corner. Sometimes when you read blogs you are reminded of a part of yourself which time made you left behind. Or maybe, their stories comply with some wishes or dreams you once had. And sometimes it could also light off old feelings and flames long diminished, and in the same time make you grateful with what your life still clings onto. I think that's the power of literature; an ancient form of individual expression intertwined with beautiful spectres of words and lingua - molded into the present by the technology we now know as blogs. Call me cheesy, but I'm blessed to have such diverse people. The more I read of their stories, the more I learn about life and even myself. Their stories inspire me, touch me, and sometimes make me laugh. I'm reminded that my life might not be as lucky as others but in the same time it's particularly as screwed up as well. Life is undeniably cruel, but fair...
Before I forget, Happy Mothers Day to all moms. Thank you mom, for all those years of tremendous love and care, bringing me up in an atmosphere of happiness and serenity. Thank you for allowing me to grow, and for giving me the ability to be independant as an individual. I might not be the best son of all, but in my eyes you'll always be my vision of an angel, down from heaven - in my eyes, you'll always be my perfect mother. And in my heart, forever will there be a special place you hold dear.
Toro para familia - everthing for the family.

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