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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Saturday comes before Sunday...

I would like to extend my gratitude to those who sent me emails recently; I really appreciate your support and feedbacks.
Zeehan's mail was the last that I've read today. It's interesting really, how what I'm feeling at the moment happens to each and every one else at least once in your lives. She had a point saying that separations and acquaintances are part-and-parcel of life's treasures; and being denied this pleasure means that you've lived a life not worth being on. These emotions are what makes the ride more interesting, and they make you grow in ways you never realised. I guess at the end of the day what matters the most is not the initial hi's and ending goodbye's but all those times in between. I mean, you go through this everytime in your life - you meet someone, get acquainted, and eventually you'll have to go your separate ways (this excludes marriage my friends). Separation becomes part of an emotional devotion when you really get to know the person and that the friendship you share is based on mutual commitment. So in a way what I'm feeling when I say my bye's to everyone conveys how much I've learnt from them, how much I feel about them, how high I look up to them - my friends. Ironically, I've used this line a lot of times in conversations with others but I guess you'll never know how it feels unless you're in their shoes.
Today I woke up very late - a few hours till mid-day. I guess it was quite hectic this week, and basically all I needed was a few extra hours of sleep. I'm quite recharged at the moment. I went for lunch with my mom and my siblings in CP - Sat's the day when all of KK's population centralizes at one specific point; and this is where all of them meet. And believe me when I say sometimes I know how it feels to be an ant living underground. Met Firman for bowling at 2pm, and Andi joined in the fun later on. It's kinda refreshing having them around - at least they remind me that I still have my family and friends here in Sabah. Got a couple of SMS messages from Fifah, and I'm kinda glad that she's having fun at the moment (and still think of me). Later tonight I'm sending Feeza off the airport - I hope she's gonna be the last of the pack leaving because I'm not sure if I can handle more separations.
Andi and I bought these TmNet prepaid cards, under the perception that it could also be used in hotspots here in KK. I'm getting the vibe of WiFi technology these days so I guess getting a good WiFi connection means you need TmNet's hotspot card. Anyway, the person selling it to us said that it can be used for hotspots as well. Guess you can never really trust someone who can't even wear his pants right. We were robbed of our precious RM30.
Andi suggested to me that there should be a law that prohibits these sorta people from selling products that they don't even know of its purposes. I mean, thank God its only a prepaid card worth less than RM50. But what if it was something much more expensive, like a car for example? Well maybe that's too expensive and unpractical....let me see. Hmm. Oh, like a digital camera for example. Some digicams can't take movie recordings, and I guess someone would be furious if they paid for a digicam worth hundreds of ringgit knowing that it can take only pictures but the seller promised that it could take movie recordings!
So remember children; TmNet prepaid card for DIAL-UP ACCESS, and TmNet Hotspot cards for WiFi ACCESS!!
In less than 48 hours over hundreds of students will be starting off their industrial training in various companies and institutions. I wish them all the best. Don't slack off, you're there to be enslaved anyways. To Erni and those going to Penang, have fun away from the big city - no pun intended. For those working in the prime spot (KL) then I guess, just take care of yourselves. Have a blast. And my fellow biotechnologians - do your best, keep in touch with each other. Oh, and see you guys for convocation.

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