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Monday, March 28, 2005

Forgiven, not forgotten....

Sending off people home is starting to take a toll on me...

Yesterday I sent away two of my best friends - Goh's flight was at 12.45pm in AirAsia while Fadil's flight to Japan departed at around 12.50am. So it was rather hard for me yesterday, saying our goodbyes. Goh was one of few friends I had, other than malays that I connect to so much. Our friendship has come to a point where when we hang-out that race barrier does not exist anymore. It's like at that moment of time all of us are one; Malaysians instead of malays and chinese. We've had quite a share of great memories together, especially in 1st year when we were roommates. We got a little pre-occupied in 2nd year but still kept in touch, and in 3rd year we were more like brothers than friends. I'm gonna miss him, and his crazy jokes and joyful personality.

And don't get me started on Fadil.

I perceive Fadil as more as a brother through the three years we spent together. We've been through a lot together, us along with Azfar - fun, laughter, expeditions and journeys, you name it. He's always been there when you needed him and he always had your back. Yesterday me and Azfar paid our last visit to him at the airport a few hours before he went to Japan for his Industrial Training. Of course, Rian, Mel, Dena and Fazil were also there so it kinda felt that we were sending all of them off. It's a mixture of feelings - proud that a friend of ours are going abroad, but sad of the separation. We parted at the departure gate with a CD I burned with images of the nostalgias we shared over the past years. He'd always nag about not getting any pictures of our endeavours in the past, so I thought this might be the best farewell gift for him. Rian gave me a hug that sent my emotions awry - we've been knowing each other less than two years but its as if we've been knowing each other a lifetime. Sending them off yesterday made me wonder how hard it'll be when I say farewell to Azfar, Fifah and the others who'll be leaving soon enough. I hate it being left the last to go (I'll be leaving M'sia on the 7th of April).

I wish the best for them in their LI, hopefully they come back with more than just a report.

Azfar and I spent the rest of the night as As's place since Azfar's bunking in with Peja that night. As's those kind of frens who's like Lie - you can just chat for hours with. It's kinda a nice feeling hanging out till the wee ends of the night, talking about particularly every subject - from bulls and cows to shopping to life and even the future. It's amazing how much you can learn from all these special people. I guess it's true; you learn to become wiser in the presence of the other. A good fren told me this, that wisdom comes in lots of form, but it usually comes from the people you have in your life. Cherish them and acknowledge them, take the time to know them, their lives, and you'll have known more than just a person. You'll have known a different world, a different reality based on their perspective. Correlate it with your preferences and you'll grow more mature on what's good and bad; what's accepted and what's taboo; even what's true and what's false. At the end of the day thats the point - how you perceive it.

I wish every person in my life the best, I wish them all the happiness and good-will God can give, and I hope they'll be the person they long yearn for in their lives. And I wish them in the knowledge that I know they can achieve this.


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