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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Silence is golden...

Hah! What can I say? Again yesterday was yet another blunder for us 3rd year students of Biotech batch 2002. Did I mention that Dr. Z had another suprise quiz for us on her replacement class? To her consensus, presumably she was tipped off that we 3rd year students were incapable of our standards of future grads...and guess who leaked us off? No points for guessing though. Well, it was surely a slapping in the face and definitely nowadays Dr. V isn't the least person we'd think to be our fav lecturer, well not that he was anyways...

Well, as stinging as bee-stunged, it only goes down to one point : I don't think its more that we don't know what the structure of DNA is, but more of we'd neglected the basics as we venture further in our studies; for most of us we paid no heed to these fundamental knowledges just because of sake that it wouldn't be questionable anymore. I believe that a majority of us biotech students only study for the purpose of exams, and after that it's down the drain. But I still resent the enigma that we're incapable of our standards, because we are up to it! It's just that we don't remember those things we learned in the last few years - and memorised in 5 minutes before going into the exam hall.

Okay, so there's a glint of fault in our side but we're not entirely to blame. If given the chance, and time to prepare I'm sure we can show them what the future graduates of Biotech can do. Of course, the fact that we're ignorant and sleazy-lazy does not help at all...but like how Shah would put it : 'janji rock beb!!'

Well, all my words would mean sooo much more, if I was indeed present yesterday in her class!!

My dear Biotech friends, yesterday was a wake-up call for us. We're a few weeks due for finals, don't even let me start on our thesis submission datelines. So question ourselves, do we want to go out of uni with the same substance as we entered or do we want to walk out of this institution of higher learning knowing that we achieved something? Three years is a long period of time - the question is not how long it is, but how meaningful and worthwhile it was? Don't let other people judge this and answer the riddle....let us be the answer.


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