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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Finding it in me to strive on...and survive!

Classes with Dr. Vijay has always been a new experience by every coming week. There's those mixed emotions you'll have each time he enters the lecture hall. Those scary, terrifying, run-for-your life kinda feelings...know what I mean? Yesterday he came in a bit late - about 10 minutes, but for each and every one of us, those were the longest 10 minutes ever of our academic life. Of course, everyone was anticipating that he won't be coming in because of the lecturers meeting that he might have attended earlier that morning...and everyone hoped that class would be cancelled. But, one can only hope so much...not only that he showed up, he ended up giving a suprise quiz instead, something we were definitely not prepared for. For all we know after yesterday everyone will be digging up textbooks memorising the structure of DNA to its core elements! Anyways, like Azfar would always say, his classes always ends with laughter rather than frustration...I believe it to be true.

Life sometimes can be cruel....

Do you ever have that point in your life that you have all the time in the world to do the things that you should do but end up not doing it instead? And it's not that you don't wanna - you're just not in the mood to. Well, that's exactly what I felt today. Having survived a gruesome and mentally tiring few weeks, my schedule finally flipped to the better, and now I kinda have time to spare for myself...but ironically, my thesis is scheduled to be sent in by 14 Feb; that means the drafts should reach under my supervisor's door, into his hands and to be suprised by all the rubbish I've spent the last few months on, about at least 10 days before. Yet I do not seem to have the motivation to indulge myself in even to start writing the abstract of it. Believe me - in desperate times which call for desperate measures I'm able to merapu all the crap (ke tahap cipan peringkat 12) I want and finish the whole thesis in a matter of hours, but who am I kidding? I'd rather submit a 80-page comparative essay on why Superman wears his briefs on the outside than send in a crappy thesis on DNA Fingerprinting using DALP markers. Hmmm sometimes life can be cruel; when you're pumped up to finish a task you end up not having the time to do so but when you have a lot of time that you could actually spend it counting the amount of tiles it takes to fill an average sized bathroom, you have not the spirit to endure even a micron of work. At this point you're thinking that you should be resting and making up for all those hours of sleep you sacrificed to get AMG and GE lab reports finished on their due date but actually you're not supposed to.

Back in friendster erni posted a bulletin on a website that sells cute furry kittens that they stuck in bottles till they deform into the shape of their containment. How sick and psychotic can you get? I believe that the only beings that deserve to be put into a small square container and fed through a tiny hole are those webmasters of the site...along with the buyers that think square kittens are cute..sicko's!

What more of today? Hmm went out with fifah to coffee bean for some ice-blended cinnamon coffee...she looked gorgeous as always. Talked about a lot of things, the ongoings of friends and other mishaps of life. On the way home listened to Misha Omar's dedebu cinta, or was it debunga cinta? Or dedebunga cinta? Deduri cinta perhaps? Whatever, they sound the same to me. I've never had the hearts for malay songs from when I was 16 but nowadays, I found a certain quality to which our local music scene has grown maturely. The music has diversified, indeed there are some great songs. Recently heard two tracks from Anuar Zain, courtesy of Faeza who lend me her Puteri Gunung Ledang Soundtrack - again, I wondered how I'd asked for it in the first place....

Still waiting for a place for LI...beginning to worry that I've yet to receive any offers or even heard from any of the 10 applications I submitted. Fifah asked me to have faith, they'll be tons of offers eventually for me...ever the optimist, boleh la cakap macam tu, dia dapat offer dari IMR! Hahaha anyways it's gonna be quite an interesting week, with all these thesis stuff to get done by and LI stuff to settle. Hopefully it's gonna be to the better of everyone. Chiow!


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